Radio Bytes G - L

      Kensington's Premium Blend

A long-time favorite of WHPW, Kensington’s Premium Blend is back.  Larry brings you an eclectic mix of music (popular music, jazz, folk, Americana, Celtic, new age, and anything else that adds flavor and spice), trivia, and all sorts of interesting factoids about the music on his show. This guy knows his stuff!

Lester the Nightfly with PJDJ

Lester the Nightfly, or PJDJ,  presents a deep dive into a wide variety of music for night owls and insomniacs. A wee-hour exploration of great music from music aficionado and DJ, PJ Ewing of NYC. Each show will enlighten, illuminate and entertain.  PJDJ’s goal with this show is to introduce new music to listeners, giving them a reason to bring it into their lives.

Le Show with Harry Shearer

With a unique mix (of music, political commentary, skits, satire, philosophy, and humor), actor, author, director, comedian, filmmaker (and one of the voices on the Simpsons), Harry Shearer will take you on an amazing trip with current events mixed with all of the above.

Indigenous in Music 

with Larry K

Indigenous in Music brings you a great mix of new music and live interviews from Indigenous artists from all parts of North America. Larry K is from the Ho Chunk Nation in Florida where he records his show at Two Buffalo Studios in Sarasota.

In My Room

with Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards brings you a freeform music show of ambient, electronic, and experimental music from “his room”.


During the holiday season of 2020 you may have heard a great version of "Sleighride" around the top, or the bottom, of the hour on different days and a new version of "Rudolph".

A new addition to WHPW's holiday lineup this year were these performances by Groovetide.