What does your Instructional Technology Specialist do?

We work with people at ALL BUILDINGS, OF ALL LEVELS and DEPARTMENTS to actively support the District’s mission of a safe, challenging, engaging learning environment, especially as it relates to successful integration of technology for student learning. I am excited to work with you in all of the following ways:

A Friendly note:

Although “technology” is in our job title, our focus and capacity is on Instructional practices, and there are things for which the IT department must be contacted instead of us. Please find below a list of common issues that should be handled by our IT team through a tech-request on Harlem Connect:

About Ashley Milnes

As a Harlem grad, I have been in the district for ... a few years! I joined the Harlem family in 2013, teaching 6th grade at Rock Cut Elementary for the second semester of the year. The following year, I switched to 5th grade at Rock Cut, where I taught my ELL group for three years. After that, I spent a year as a technology specialist at a military school in Hohenfels, Germany. In order to complete my masters program, I came back to the area and taught social studies at Harlem Middle School for three years. I am very excited to help support teachers, staff and students with technology and tools across the district. 

Please contact me at ANY time via email: ashley.milnes@harlem122.org

By phone: 815-654-4500 Ext :1033

About Emily Breakfield

I joined the Harlem School district in 2019 after thirteen years of teaching various grades and technology classes. I started my career in Glendale Arizona teaching third grade because... well it is warm there. After moving home I got a job teaching 2nd grade at Prairie Hill Elementary and eventually moved up to 4th grade and then took a technology specialist position teaching 3rd-8th grade. I was so excited to move into this new role in a new district in 2019 and I have loved learning, spreading technology knowledge, and making relationships with the amazing educators in this district.

Please contact me at ANY time via email: emily.breakfield@harlem122.org

By phone: 815-654-4500 Ext :1051