About Us


Hamilton North School caters for students with special needs from 5 to 21 years of age.

The school offers a functional adapted curriculum designed for students who have needs that cannot be meaningfully met by the regular school curriculum.

Hamilton North comprises a Base School plus satellite classes in three Primary, a Junior High and a High School. This provides students a range of learning environments suited to their abilities and needs. With the co-operation of these mainstream schools, classes of Hamilton North students and staff are located and supported by their host school. It is the policy of our school to encourage our students to interact with their peers in mainstream schools and with the community in general. The aim of our integration programme is to foster the social and functional development of our students by joining mainstream classes for specific activities in areas where they can achieve and also by allowing them access to a range of social activities.

The focus of our teaching is to provide Individual Education Programmes (IEPs). They are compiled by the classroom teacher in consultation with parents/ caregivers, Therapists and other professional or supportive services, and are regularly reviewed, evaluated and updated.

The education curriculum and programme for students with special needs is broad and relevant to their current and future needs which will include areas that will help the students learn to function more effectively in a variety of environments and within their communities. We aim to guide each student irrespective of their ability level, towards the realisation of their potential.

Students who enroll at Hamilton North School will have a verified Intellectual Disability and may have special needs including learning difficulties, visual and hearing impairments, developmental delay, speech/language delays, communication disorders, sensory disorders, social and behavioural challenges, physical and/or multiple disabilities.

The Motto of Hamilton North School is "Bridge to the Community" and this provides the focus for many of the educational experiences provided. Students are "mainstreamed" into their local community for much of their learning, thus providing meaningful access to community facilities where meaningful and realistic life skill development can be supported.


Hamilton North is a school where students know that:

  • Everyone treats each day as a new beginning
  • Teamwork is central to our philosophy
  • They are valued as unique individuals co-operatively supported by their family and school
  • Their potential will be maximised by offering them new challenges and opportunities
  • A safe and caring environment is provided
  • Their successes will be celebrated


To enable all students to develop their potential with regards to their abilities, to foster skills and provide opportunities, which allow them to successfully integrate into our multicultural society.