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The mission of Windham High School’s Comprehensive School Counseling Program is to maximize the full potential of our students as they prepare to enter adulthood with meaningful goals and aspirations. School counselors foster student growth through engagement in authentic, individualized learning experiences. We contribute to a safe, supportive community where every learner gains the skills needed to thrive in an ever changing, diverse world. 

The School Counseling Department at Windham High School is available to work with all students on academic, college, and career planning, as well as connecting on personal and social issues. Our counselors offer services in individual, small group, and classroom settings to benefit all students. They also work with school staff to provide referrals to specialized programs and services in the building. 

Throughout the four years of high school, students at Windham High School will have access to a variety of tools to explore their post-secondary options. We subscribe to Naviance, a comprehensive college and career readiness program, that helps students to align their strengths and interests with post-secondary goals. In 9th grade, students are introduced to Naviance's self-discovery tools to start to make informed choices about their futures. Each freshman is invited to meet individually with their school counselor to review their self-discovery assessment results and develop a four-year plan that aligns with their interests.

The Counseling Staff works with our College and Career Specialist to develop rich programs for students throughout the school year. In the spring, sophomores take part in college and career field trips and a large fair to start seeing what their options for the future may look like. Juniors take part in the PSATs every fall and are invited to attend regular post-secondary planning workshops during PRIDE hosted by counselors and our College and Career Specialist. Juniors are also invited to meet with their counselor in the spring to plan for post-secondary applications and requirements.

During senior year, counselors and our College and Career Specialist work closely with students on college applications, as well as meeting the requirements of military, apprenticeship, and training programs. Naviance allows our seniors to request and track transcripts and letters of recommendation that are then sent directly to colleges. Counselors also support students through scholarship application and college decision-making.

Counselors are available for meetings with students and families throughout the school year.


Counselors put out monthly newsletters with important announcements, deadlines, and news. The newsletters are posted below, along with on the Class Google Classroom and sent on the WHS Eagle News via the listserv. If you need to subscribe to the WHS listserv, you can find instructions here.