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Greenville Tech 31st Annual Upstate High School Art Exhibit Award Winners

Madison Cantrell: 1st Place - Painting

Ana Pelham: 1st Place - Printmaking

Nadzeya Drahun: 1st Place - Photography

Loriel Bowers-Vernier: Honorable Mention - Graphic Design

Dylan Swain: 2nd Place - Metals

Niko Selby: 1st Place - Metals

Jamie Lee: 2nd Place - Ceramics

Nadzeya Drahun

Greenlink Bus Shelter Art Contest 2021

Artworks from the following students have been selected to be printed on large transparencies and displayed at Bus Shelters around Greenville:

Kayla Covington

Sophia Lin

Jamie Lee

Brianna Bruce

Kayleigh Smith

CONVERSE COLLEGE 2021 Young Women in Art competition

The following works were accepted to the 2021 Young Women in Art competition. Be sure to go to on March 11th where you will find a link to view the virtual exhibition. Congratulations again to you and your students!

Kassandra Hernandez-Zuniga, Grade 11, Breaking My Mold, Prismacolor pencils on matboard, 52” x 94”, 2020, Drawing

Teacher: Ryan Roth

Hanna Abu Judom, Grade 12, W.L.W. Solidarity, Marker, 12”x 9”, 2020, Drawing

Teacher: Ryan Roth

Marley Leventis, Grade 12, Know your Place Setting, Charcoal and Watercolor, 27”x 40”, 2020, Drawing

Teacher: Ryan Roth

Third Place in Drawing

Caroline Brightwell, Grade 10, 36.6055° N, 93.2862° W, Metals, 9”x5”, 2020, Mixed Media

Teacher: Katy Cassell

Brianna Bruce, Grade 12, Rosalind Franklin, Champleve enamel on copper, photo transfer in enamel on steel, 6”x6”, 2020, Mixed Media

Teacher: Katy Cassell

Grace Wike, Grade 12, Tangled Mind, Enamel, copper, wood, thread, wax, nails, 10”x8”x5”, 2020, Mixed Media

Teacher: Katy Cassell

Tomoka Nakamura, Grade 9, Resting House, Wood, 17”x7”x 4”, 2021, Sculpture

Teacher: Donna Shank

Veda Duncan, Grade 9, Twisting, Wood, 14” x 12” x 10”, 2021, Sculpture

Teacher: Donna Shank

Third Place in Sculpture

Maddi Lehde, Grade 11, Hello, Operator?, Linoleum, ink, paper, 7” x 5”, 2021, Printmaking

Teacher: Donna Shank

First Place in Printmaking

Addison Cate, Grade 11, Runway Roosters, Linoleum, ink, paper, 10”x8”, 2021, Printmaking

Teacher: Donna Shank

Third Place in Printmaking

Brianna Nicoloff, Grade 10, Contravice, Stoneware, low fire glazes, 12”x14”x12”, 2021, Ceramics

Teacher: Kelly King

Jaime Lee, Grade 12, Stifled Maiden, Stoneware, low fired glazes, 23”x10”x9”, 2021 Ceramics

Teacher: Kelly King

Abby Rivers, Grade 12, Bertha, Stoneware, low fire glazes, 11”x7”, 2020, Ceramics

Teacher: Kelly King

Sydney Harrison, Grade 10, What Part Is Yours, Hand Printed fabric, thread, stuffing, magnets, 2020, Fibers

School: Fine Arts Center

Loriel Bowers-Vernier, Grade 11, Coordinates: Textile Design, Adobe Illustrator, Variable: Repeating Designs, 2020, Digital Media

Teacher: April Dauscha

Third Place: Digital Media

Kristen Franklin, Grade 12, Flexin’ my Complexion (series), Fabric, synthetic hair, yarn, thread, earrings, Size 8-12 (womens), 2020, Fibers

Teacher: April Dauscha

First Place: Fibers

Katherine Wiedemann, Grade 12, GIVE IN TO ME, Hand dyed and painted fabric, thread, yarn, tulle and grommets, size 8 (women’s), 2020, Fibers

Teacher: April Dauscha

Isabel Driggs, Grade 10, Abstract Self Portrait, Hand painted silk, embroidery, and block printing, 10”x10”, 2020, Fibers

Teacher: April Dauscha

Third Place: Fibers

Edith Youngblood, Grade 10, Ava, Archival Inkjet Print, 6”x9”, 2020, Photography

Teacher: Zane Logan

Abigail Williams, Grade 11, Cycle of Manipulation, Archival inkjet print, 8.5”x11”, 2021, Photography

Teacher: Zane Logan

Hattie Jennings, Grade 10, Calm like Green Tea, 8.5”x11”, 2021, Photography

Teacher: Zane Logan

Haven Ross, Grade 12, She, Archival inkjet print, 16”x 20”, 2021, Photography

Teacher: Zane Logan

Third Place Photography

Kristen Finklin

Marley Leventis

Katherine Wiedemann


1st PLACE — $500

Maddi Lehde, “Campfire“(monotype), 11th gr., Fine Arts Center, Greenville, SC

2nd PLACE — $300

Hayse McGowen, “Untitled” (screenprint), 12th gr., FAC, Greenville, SC

3rd PLACE — $100

Ana Pelham, “No. 308” (printmaking), 12th gr., Fine Arts Center, Greenville, SC

BC Art Major’s Choice— $100

Hanna Abu-Judom, “Revenge” (printmaking), 12th gr., FAC, Greenville, SC


Sophia Cipollone, “Unity” (matte board), 11th gr., FAC, Greenville, SC

Lucy Hall, “Dad’s Backyard” (cyanotype), 11th gr., FAC, Greenville, SC

Brianna Bruce, “Cell Types” (linoleum block), 12th gr., FAC, Greenville, SC

Kayla Covington, “Cherries” (colored pencil), 11th gr., FAC, Greenville, SC

Brianna Bruce, “Elisa Lam” (screenprint), 12th gr., FAC, Greenville, SC

Katherine Wiedemann, “Ceremony” (mixed media),12th gr., FAC, Greenville, SC

Maddie Mann, “Aries” (enamel on copper), 11th gr., FAC, Greenville, SC

Madison Cantrell, “Processing” (acrylic on canvas), 12th gr., FAC, Greenville, SC

Katherine Wiedemann

The Biennial Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition opens...

The exhibition displays recent works completed by the Fine Arts Center Visual Arts Faculty. The show is available for students and faculty to view in person on weekdays from 8-4 pm and for the public anytime on the Sheffield Wood Virtual Gallery website. In addition to teaching students, the FAC Faculty continue to work as professional artists, showing their works across the country and even the world. We are happy to honor them in our home gallery and to see how their works interact with one another in the gallery space.

Please enjoy viewing the works at the Sheffield Wood Virtual Gallery website at the link below:

The Visual Arts Department is happy to present to you...

our annual senior exhibition!

click the link below to see our senior portfolios

Congratulations to our FAC student winners!


SENIORS! Applications for Penland's summer study opportunities are now open!

Check out their website for more information - the deadline is FEBRUARY 17th.

Keep in mind that the scholarship applications need TWO RECOMMENDERS, so be sure to start asking your recommenders now!

Check out the Summer Catalog here to see the summer class options. SO many good ones!

Art Summer Programs

Interested in attending a summer program?

Check out our summer programs page to help guide you through the process!

These summer programs allow high school students to explore various media and develop their portfolios.

Interested in signing up for AP for the 2020-2021 school year?

  • Check out the FAC AP WEBSITE for more details about the AP STUDIO ARTS EXAM

  • Think about which area you want to do next year: 2D, 3D, or Drawing

  • Consider what idea/theme/concept you might make your SUSTAINED INVESTIGATION portfolio around:

    • Questions to consider:

      • What idea or concept are you already working with in your work?

      • What were your inspirations for creating art?

      • Which media, techniques, and work processes did you use, and why?

      • What do you intend for audiences to see/experience/think about when viewing your work?

      • What type of research do you enjoy? What kinds of investigations and discoveries are involved in this research?

      • Do your works of art relate to each other visually and conceptually? How?

  • Start making work for AP in the spring semester AND during the summer!

AP Commitment Form Due Jan 10th!

2020-21 AP Commit form

Student Winners have been announced!


Thomas Hicks (photography)


  1. Lauren Danielson

  2. Sophie Carlton

  3. Samantha Barnhart


  1. Sydney Beall

  2. Lily Brown

  3. Jena Daniels


  1. Kayla Sheehan

  2. Madison Cantrell

  3. Maggie Heinbaugh


  1. Lydia Lyle

  2. Jane Armstrong

  3. Anna Duren


  1. Ann Duren

  2. Aleta Larkin

  3. Sydnie Dailey


  1. Jack Mackenzie

  2. Anna Pelham

  3. Callie Gravett

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The Fine Arts Center of Greenville, SC was established in August of 1974 as the first specialized arts school in the state of South Carolina. Students at the Fine Arts Center are artistically talented and wish to take an intensive pre-professional program of study. Students apply and are selected on the basis of talent, interest, and commitment to their discipline and study. Students are provided advanced comprehensive arts instruction in the areas of architecture, theatre, dance, visual arts, music, creative writing, or digital filmmaking.