Teaching Remotely

Success Stories:

Access to Learning: THANK YOU! to all of the teachers and staff that are supporting students in learning during this last trimester of 2019-2020! We are inspired by the amazing stories of innovation and creativity to support your students' learning!

Device Distribution: We are very excited to share that we distributed 1826 Chromebooks to students as of April 7th! We have also supported 59 families successfully connect to the Internet and are in the process of helping 28 more.

Food Services: Our Food Services staff continue to serve meals daily to our students and families!

Remote Kinder Zoom Teaching
Remote 2nd Grade Zoom Teaching


Our Santa Barbara County Office of Education is gathering resources from districts across the County on this Distance Learning website.

The CA Department of Education has put together a list of Resources that Support Distance Learning that you may find helpful.

Dr. Lewis shared that Village Properties is offering teacher grants for remote learning needs. Here is the article in Noozhawk with the information.

Big Ideas:

Students Learning Remotely

  • GUSD Teachers & Staff support comprehensive well-being of all students.

  • Essential Learning is the anchor of our remote learning educational program.

  • Each student is offered ~3 hours of learning per day in a blended format by a team of GUSD teachers & staff.

  • All students offered ELA & Math instruction, daily.

  • English Learners offered English Language Development, daily.

  • All students formatively assessed and provided regular feedback on their learning.

  • All students who need intervention continue to receive additional support.

  • Extended opportunities for learning with depth & complexity are promoted.

  • Science, Social Studies, Social-Emotional Learning, & Specialists available weekly.

Big Ideas:

Professional practices with Remote Learning in GUSD

  • Teachers offer a blend of daily direct whole and/or small group instruction & alternative online learning opportunities.

  • Homeroom classroom teachers offer a daily opportunity to connect as a class.

  • Each teacher (or grade level team) establishes a "Learning Management System" as the hub of information for their students (Google Classroom or Seesaw).

  • Learning management systems are shared with students, principal, PLC team, support staff & parents.

  • PLC teams meet twice weekly (remotely) to discuss items related to remote learning such as common learning goals, plan for common learning experiences, monitor student learning, and professionally learn together, and check in with each other.

  • PLC teams are highly encouraged to collaborate/share teaching offerings & responsibilities.

  • Teachers and Staff communicate regularly with the principal, colleagues, and families about the established schedule of opportunities for learning, student participation, and learning successes/challenges. Principals and site staff will work together to coordinate schedules.

  • Teachers and Staff monitor student participation to coordinate needed supports.

  • Differentiated professional learning opportunities will be offered to assist teachers in enhancing remote learning options.

  • Classroom teachers take attendance daily on Synergy based on participation in any one of the following for a "student well-check": direct instruction via video or phone call, activity through Learning Management System, working with other support staff.

Do you have additional ideas or resources to share? Please pass them along to your principal or Instructional Services.