Coaching Clinic Opportunities

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School Sport Nova Scotia supports coaches at all levels because without coaches, there would be no sport.

Coaching education improves the sport experience for student athletes as well as for the volunteer coach.

SSNS is working with Provincial Sport organizations, the Government of Nova Scotia and the Coaches Association of Canada to provide coaching education and coaching resources that will support coaches at all levels of school sport.

SSNS Coaches wishing to take Sport Specific Coaching Education Courses, please complete the form below:

Concussion Education for SSNS Coaches

SSNS now requires all head coaches of every SSNS sport to complete the concussion management course "Making Headway" offered for FREE by the Coaches Association of Canada.

Making Headway can be found by CLICKING HERE


Keep the School in School Sport

The Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation values the contributions of all coaches in the Federation. As an organization that is school based there are many differences between school sport and community sport. The Keep the School in School Sport module is a resource to assist coaches in the initiation process into school sport.

The Course is free to take and all community coaches are required to take the 20 min course before they can coach any sport in the Federation.

Volleyball Coach Education Opportunity

School Sport Nova Scotia is partnering with Volleyball Nova Scotia to provide online coach education for SSNS member coaches in volleyball.

The Course : Foundations of Volleyball

There are a limited number of licences so if you are interested please complete the following form:

Coaching Resources: Coaches can find sport specific information on the website of the individual sports of the SSNS.

The Coaches Association of Canada is a resource for coaches for programs and coaching education opportunities. also is the portal to the Locker where coaches can access their own profile and sign up for coaching courses.

Coaching NS is a website that provides coaches with information about programs and opportunities for coach education in Nova Scotia

School Coach Canada offers a number of online coaching courses that can support coach education. There are a number of free modules including: Concussions, Track and Field basics, and many others.