Technology Integration

Technology in 5 Huestis

Technology plays a big part in today's society and student's are exposed to various forms of technology daily both at school and home. In our classroom we incorporate technology into our daily work and students learn how to use various forms to represent their learning and ideas.

One of my goals as a teacher has always been to find ways to reach all of my students in new, meaningful, and engaging activities. Incorporating technology into my teaching has allowed me to address the diverse learning needs of my students and therefore has been a way to help all students feel successful in their classroom experiences.

We use technology in all areas of the curriculum and students are learning to express themselves using new and exciting ways.

Google Apps for Education

Students use Google Apps for Education daily. They are able to access our classroom to find class updates and assignments. They also use Google Docs, Slides, Keep, and Sites to present their work.


Students access our class account on Flipgrid and respond to questions and prompts by creating short videos.


This has to be the number one request during math time on the computers. Students work through skill-building problems all while completing quests.

Brush Ninja

I was introduced to Brush Ninja early in my Master's course. I knew that it would be a hit with students and it is! Students create animations through this easy to use site.


Many students have been exploring coding with the use of Scratch.

Hour of Code

Another popular page for students to practice their coding skills.


Students have been using the Doink app to create greenscreened images. We will be moving on to making videos using greenscreen this term.


Students can access a digital library of books on Epic Books.

Removes backgrounds in pictures. Great option when a green screen is not available.


Parents can check out the flyers and place orders online.