Mrs. Huestis

Grade 5

About Me

My name is Jody Huestis and I have been teaching since 2003. I have always enjoyed teaching upper elementary and have taught grades 3 to 6. My teaching career has mostly been in Eastern Passage (since 2005) and I am currently teaching grade 5 at Seaside Elementary. I enjoy working with my students in a collaborative, hands-on, and interactive classroom.

As well as teaching full-time, I am also a student myself. After years of thinking about it, I finally decided to do a Masters program and I am currently taking my Masters in Technology Integration at Mount Saint Vincent University. Integrating technology into my classroom has been a focus for me the past few years and this program is helping me to bring new forms of technology based learning into my classroom.

Outside of work I enjoy being around my friends and family (including my two cats, Coco and Mojo). I also enjoy baking, reading, going for walks, and attending concerts with friends.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Telephone: 902-465-7600 Email : Twitter: @HuestisMrs

Remind: I frequently use the Remind System to provide updates for parents/guardians. If you have not yet joined our class page, please let me know and I will send you the class code.