Questions about CastleBranch in the petition process?

Check out the Castlebranch Info page or contact our petition office

Where is the Petition Office located?

Downtown Milwaukee Campus ■ Health Science (H) Building ■ 700 West Highland Avenue

■ Room H118 ■ First floor next to Dean's office

How do I contact the Petition Office?

Rosy Lopez, BA , M.S. - Student Support Specialist

*Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 11:30 am & 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm or by appointment

Email (preferred):

Phone: 414-297-6088

*Subject to change, without notice.

What is Petitioning?

The Petition Process is the method that students follow to inform the School of Health Sciences when they are ready and prepared to begin the core technical courses in their chosen health science program. All students must petition and be accepted into their program before registering for core technical courses

How are Petition applications reviewed?

When we look at each student for admission to our School of Health Programs, we consider the whole student, including grades and test scores. We understand that there is great variation among our applicants’ personal circumstances, home communities, and life experience. As a result, our petition process considers all aspects of applicants' record and experience and not just a single criterion. In furtherance of our goals to create a diverse and dynamic student body, we also consider ethnicity and status as a non-traditional student.

How do I Petition?

Click on image to be directed to the page with the detailed six step petition process

When am I eligible to Petition for my chosen Health Science Program?

Review the requirements for your program: If there are no course prerequisites you are eligible to petition anytime. If there are prerequisite courses, you need to be enrolled in your last prerequisite class to be eligible to petition.

When can I expect to hear about the decision of my petition application?

All students who petitioned will receive a response through their MATC student email within 60 business days (approximately 12 weeks) from the close of the petition window.

What help is available through the Petition Office?

The Petition Office holds information sessions twice each semester. The Petition Office can help answer questions about the petitioning process, CastleBranch requirements or general information on the different health science programs.

Can I petition for more than 1 health science program?

You may petition for 1 Associate Degree Program & 1 Certificate/Technical Diploma Program