MATC Healthcare  Pathway Qualifying Exams & Petition 
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The Downtown and Mequon in-person Healthcare Pathway hub offices are open!  Get virtual ZOOM help here.

Welcome to MATC Healthcare Pathway Qualifying Exams and Petition

PLEASE NOTE: Effective June 1st, 2024 , Students are required to take the TEAS Entrance Exam for nursing program. 

(Qualifying NLN PAX entrance exam score completed prior to 6/01/2024 will be accepted) 

January 2025 (Semester Start):

All exams are posted with dates and times for this  Summer/Fall:  April, May, August & September.

Take the exam On-site at MATC or Remote Proctor from home.

All Entrance Exam scores for PAX NLN, TEAS, or LPN-RN Progression should be entered prior petition deadline. After petition deadline, you score is qualify for next petition application window.

Petition Window for the Fall Semester 2024:

(Classes start in Spring 2025 and acceptance decisions come out 30 business days after the close of the petition window) 

Healthcare Pathway PETITION APPLICATION FORM LINK  is now open for these remaining programs: 

ASSOCIATE DEGREE - The Petition application window will open for new eligible applicants on the following dates: February  1-29, 2024*

TECHNICAL DIPLOMAS - The Petition application window will open for new eligible applicants on the following dates:  March 1-31, 2024*

No exam required for technical diploma programs except for Practical Nursing.  

*Please note that some programs will remain open until capacity has been met. 

Open Enrollment Programs 
Students can enroll in open enrollment programs when enrollment begins each semester. The following programs do not require the student to petition:

 Please complete the Criminal Background Acknowledgement Form as well

HESI/PAX NLN & petitioning session video

In case you missed the session,  All information regarding HESI/PAX NLN & petitioning session on  this video.

Grant for Nursing  Students

You will find more information on grant available for nursing students by clicking here on Eligibility and Requirements.