"I'd like to send a note of appreciation for Monday's Family Movie Night. My sons really enjoyed themselves and I thought it was an excellent idea.... both as a fundraiser and an opportunity for kids and parents/caregivers to spend some quality time together.

Thank you to the teachers and staff who lengthened their day to coordinate and attend this event. "

-Parent of 2nd & 3rd grade children

"I am truly grateful for the hard work and dedication of teachers on behalf of our children. It sometimes may be a thankless job, but please know that we parents are aware of your sacrifice and dedication and your help in raising and teaching our children!"

-Parent of 2nd and 3rd grade children

2nd grade student showing her appreciation for the Engineering Design Process in S.T.E.M. class.

On Student-Led Conferences:

"I liked how the conference was student-led, which in turn made my daughter be more responsible for her own work." -Parent of 6th grader

"I thought it was an excellent idea for students to lead the meeting, it helps build confidence."

-Parent of 6th grader

"We got the chance to see the work our child does in school and also what goes on in class. We love this idea!"

-Parent of 7th grader

Reach the World - Our global traveler Skyping partnership

"In my opinion this is a great learning experience for Mandy and the other children. It gives them first hand knowledge of different countries and their cultures. I especially hope this encourages them to one day travel and see different countries. I wish my school had something simliar to this."

-Parent of Mandy Wu, 7-319

"Reach the world is a great program for my son. He learns more about so many other countries and how they were formed, their economy, architecture, languages, and most importantly their culture...all from real people."

-Parent of Santiago Galeano, 7-319

"Aside from the ability to show the kids the world beyond America, this program is also imperative specifically in today's political world. For Gianna, I could enjoy the excitement when she came home and shared 'meeting' a Chinese teenager and sharing first-hand what she learned from him. It wasn't just another story being retold, but a practical experience that helped her better grasp the differences and similarities. It's wonderful! Love it, keep it up!"

-Parent of Gianna Goje, 6-310