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Curriculum & Online Learning

Online Learning Support

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Google Classroom Support

The NYC DOE as partnered with Google for Education to help the students and teacher have a place to find their work that is organized, to help boost collaboration with parents, teachers, and students, and foster better communication.

Direct website:

Tutorial created by our school:

Google Classroom functions:

One last Google Classroom video:

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iReady is a comprehensive assessment and instruction program that progresses at the pace of the child. We have the students take their ‘diagnostics’ three times a year to see how they have progressed, to address weaknesses, and to challenge the students. Teachers also have the ability to assign specific lessons to corollate with what is being taught in class.

They are two ways that a child can get access to their iReady account. First, each child was given a specific username and password. They can use this information and go directly to the iReady OR can be gotten to through their Clever account which is found on TeachHub.

Short video on how to get to iReady:

Raz Kids is an online reading resource that helps with reading comprehension. Students create their own avatar, read a variety of stories, and take quizzes on the books they have read. One item of note is that the reading level on Raz kids does not always math the Fountas and Pinnell level that we use in school. That correlation chart can be found on the website by typing in "level correlation chart".

Curriculum Enrichment

  • BizWorld: Through this partnership, students will be able to develop real-world, 21st century skills, which gives them the opportunity to start their own business.

  • Engineering is Elementary: STEM program in which students engage in news events that deal with engineering issues, such as the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. They become active participants in class discussions and build confidence because they have background information that they know they are applying correctly.

  • Exemplars: Exemplars publishes hands-on, standards-based assessment and instruction material that focuses on authentic learning in the areas of Math, Science and Writing. Our material engages students and includes rubrics and anchor papers. Students are encouraged to communicate their thinking.

  • Global Scholars - The Global Cities Program: Global Cities is a New York City based non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing communication among global cities and cultivating the next generation of global citizens. The program facilitates collaborative exchanges on innovative urban policies worldwide with special attention to the subjects of education and technology, while providing internet-based global awareness for middle school students.

  • Paideia: Paideia is active learning—engaging students through thought-provoking Socratic seminars, growth of intellectual skills, and mastery of information. Paideia has been shown to significantly improve student achievement and increase engagement and motivation.

Partnerships & Residencies

  • Alley Pond Environmental Center: A partnership for our early elementary students that educates children about the wonders of our natural environment. This program encourages students to think “out of the box” using open-ended questions and hands-on learning.

  • Margaret Tietz Nursing Home & Rehabilitation Center: Students will spend time with the elderly residents here and learn about what it means to be a contributing citizen in the community.

  • Marquis Studios: Nonprofit art organization offering a full spectrum of residencies that encourage student exploration of visual arts, theater, music, dance, architecture, circus arts and puppetry. The goal is to develop a passion for creative learning in each and every child allowing students to reach their full potential.

  • Reach the World: Through this partnership, an organization that connects classrooms to volunteer world travelers and students who are studying or exploring around the globe, Magnet students will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about foreign cultures and environments firsthand.

  • Together in Dance: A residency program that aims to expand our arts program by connecting dance with Social Studies.

Curriculum Links

enVision by Savvas Realize

(formally Pearson Realize)

*This can be found in the student TeachHub and Clever Account

enVision is a core curriculum for students that provides problem-based instruction for elementary school children. The program seeks to help students develop an understanding of math concepts through problem-based instruction, small group instruction, and visual learning. It also focuses on reasoning and modeling. These strategies deepen conceptual understanding by making meaningful connections for students and deliver strong, sequential visual and verbal connections in every lesson. It is also designed to provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners. Ongoing Diagnosis & Intervention and daily Data-Driven Differentiation ensure that enVision Math gives every student the opportunity to succeed.

Amplify Science

*This can be found in the student TeachHub and Clever account

Amplify Science blends hands on activities, literacy activities, and interactive digital tools for students to think, read, write, and develop ideas like an engineer. It is a phenomena-based program that integrated science as well as aspects of engineering. It engages the students to read, think, and write like scientists and engineers.

Passport to Social Studies

The NYCDOE K-8: Passport to Social Studies program was completely designed by New York City teachers. It is an effective social studies program allows students to make sense of the world in which they live, make connections between major ideas and their own lives, and see themselves as active members of a global community. While knowledge of content is very important, it is equally important to engage our students in historical thinking.

This program challenges students to think like historians and encourages them to raise questions, think critically, consider many perspectives, and gather evidence in support of their interpretations through the practice of chronological processing, decision-making, and historical research and analysis. These real-world skills will serve students well as participating citizens of a democracy.

If you would like to explore the curriculum, it can be found on the WeTeachNYC website.

Expeditionary Learning

Expeditionary Learning is an educational system that differs from traditional systems in three main ways:

  • Students learn by conducting "learning expeditions" rather than by sitting in a classroom being taught one subject at a time.

  • Works on developing the character — as well as the intellect — of students.

  • Changes not only how students learn but also a school's culture.

The Expeditionary Learning system believes that "the quality of a school lies in its culture." Expeditionary Learning affects standards, curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, and school organization. At a successful Expeditionary Learning school, teachers, parents, staff, and students work together to create a school culture of collaboration, respect, and high expectations.