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We invite prospective parents in for individualized school tours!

Just email Ms. Fileti or Mrs. Palazzolo to make an appointment:

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April Breakfast Menu

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*For middle school or high school application process and testing information, visit the Guidance Counselor tab.*

Upcoming Parent Events/Workshops

  • 4/2 & 4/3 - NYS ELA State Exams (Grades 3-8)
  • 4/8 - Leader of the Month Assembly
  • 4/11 - Soccer Away game @ PS29 9:30am
  • 4/15 - SLT Meeting 3:45pm

4/18 - PTA Meeting & Leader of the Month presentations 8:30am

- Elevate Education (A College Access for All program) immediately following PTA meeting

  • 4/19-4/28 - SPRING BREAK
  • 5/1 & 5/2 - NYS Math Exams (Grades 3-8)

Monthly Parent Activities

  • Coffee & Conversation w/Principal McAuliffe
  • Monthly PTA Meetings

Parent Volunteer Opportunities

  • Volunteers welcome to help out at our upcoming open houses; please contact Ms. Fileti, Mrs. Palazzolo, or Ms. Cortes for more details
  • Volunteer to help with the Bake Sales! Look for the next Bake Sale on the school's calendar and get in touch with Ms. Shmuel to help out
  • If you would like to become a morning volunteer for the school to help with our younger students, speak to our parent coordinator, Eileen Cortes

At PS/MS 200: The Magnet School of Global Studies & Leadership, we invite parents to monthly PTA meetings during which we recognize a Student of the Month from each homeroom class in the building. See our calendar and school newsletter for scheduled PTA meetings. Parents also play an important role on the School Leadership Team; they are part of shared decision-making process with the principal and teachers. The SLT is a voter-selection process, and the team meets monthly. Additionally, the principal hosts workshops related to the Common Core. Teachers frequently invite parents into the classroom for activities and presentations.

The principal also invites parents to an informal “Coffee & Conversation” meeting each month. Here, parents can share questions and concerns and they can work together with the principal to consider effective solutions to school issues.

Our Parent Coordinator organizes periodic parent workshop series as well. The latest was facilitated by a representative from Queens Counseling Services. Parents gathered together to discuss parenting challenges in a safe space and to share ideas to support one another. Middle school teachers and students also organize frequent community service projects and many parents support them.

Please do not hesitate to reach out and contact the school to become a part of any of our parent volunteer opportunities! We look forward to working together.


The Mentor Program began in 2012 as an initiative to improve student attendance and thereby increasing the schools attendance percentage. The program pairs staff and students to encourage accountability and establish follow-up with the selected students.

An incentive program is offered to students with perfect attendance every month. In addition, there are also prizes that are given to individual classes with perfect attendance. We have consistently increased our attendance percentages over these past five years. Thank you to all our mentors and parents for your cooperation and participation!

Please see below of a copy of the Chromebook Usage Agreement that all middle school students were required to have signed and returned in the beginning of the school year:


Students with perfect attendance received Yankees merchandise and toys sent to us by the team! Congratulations!