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Monthly Parent Activities

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School Leadership Team meetings

Monthly PTA meetings

At PS/MS 200: The Magnet School of Global Studies & Leadership, we invite parents to monthly PTA meetings during which we recognize a Student of the Month from each homeroom class in the building. See our calendar and school newsletter for scheduled PTA meetings. Parents also play an important role on the School Leadership Team; they are part of shared decision-making process with the principal and teachers. The SLT is a voter-selection process, and the team meets monthly. Additionally, the principal hosts workshops related to the Common Core. Teachers frequently invite parents into the classroom for activities and presentations.

The principal also invites parents to an informal “Coffee & Conversation” meeting each month. Here, parents can share questions and concerns and they can work together with the principal to consider effective solutions to school issues.

Our Parent Coordinator organizes periodic parent workshop series as well. The latest was facilitated by a representative from Queens Counseling Services. Parents gathered together to discuss parenting challenges in a safe space and to share ideas to support one another. Middle school teachers and students also organize frequent community service projects and many parents support them.

Please do not hesitate to reach out and contact the school to become a part of any of our parent volunteer opportunities! We look forward to working together.

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For help if you are starting with no access/no email address OR for help if you were given an email address with a password from your child's teacher and want to login and locate your child's Google Classroom:


Positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) is an approach schools use to promote school safety and good behavior. With PBIS, schools teach kids about behavior expectations and strategies.

Below is the letter sent home on February 28, 2022.

February 28th, 2022

Dear parents and guardians of students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades,

Good day to all of you! Today, I spoke to your child’s classes through a Zoom meeting to introduce the PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Services) initiative that will start tomorrow, Tuesday, March 1st, 2022.

What is a PBIS?

Simply put, a PBIS seeks to reward positive behaviors instead of punishing negative behaviors. The way we will reward classes is by a point-gathering system; each class’ positive behavior will earn them points. However, negative behavior will not gain them any points. It will never be the case that any earned points could ever be taken away. What we hope for is that the class works together to get as many points as possible each day; the points will accumulate to the end of each month.

Why do we need a PBIS?

Quite frankly, there are some areas of focus for our middle school students.

· Classroom environment - how students treat the environment in which they learn

· Hallways (during arrivals, dismissals, changing classes [which will need more structure at

· some point this year and moving forward.]) - student behavior is sometimes loud and

· disorganized.

· Cell phones / electronic devices - the prevalence of these items has become very distracting.

· Bathrooms - students aren’t always using these areas for appropriate reasons.

Where can these points be applied?

· Special assemblies / tournaments

· Classroom celebrations

· “Free periods”

· Communal store - snacks for students

How will my child’s class earn points?

· Each day, each class (601, 631, 691, 701, 731, 801, & 831) starts off with 30 points.

· Each class with perfect attendance (no absences or latenesses) for the day will gain 5 points; Ms.

· Nirahu and I will keep our doors (Exits 8 and 9, respectively) open an extra five minutes which increases the arrival window by 50%; many of our late Middle School students show up in that 8:10 AM- 8:15 AM time.

· Students who voluntarily let their cell phones be held by the school will get their class an extra 5 points for each day.

· Every period, including Homeroom/ S.E.L. and Lunch, the teacher of that class (I will confer with the school aides and I will assess classes during lunch as well) will give the class an E, S, N, or U.

· Additionally, teachers may identify students who especially disrupted the class.

· I will assess the classes for each day with one overall grade (E, S, N or U), which will reflect the eight ratings given to them by their teachers, according to this rubric:

o All Es and no students individually reported - class gets an E for the day and an additional 20 points

o No more than 2 Ss, not even one N or U and no students individually reported - class gets an E/S and an additional 10 points

o 3 or more Ss, not even one N or U and no students individually reported - class gets an S and an additional 5 points

o Any Ns and whether or not students are individually reported - class gets an N and gains no additional points

o Any Us and whether or not students are individually reported - class gets an U and gains no additional points

· Points begin accumulating on the first school day of the month; they are awarded for each day students are in school. Points stop accumulating on the last school day of the month; they begin accumulating again on the next first school day of the next month.

· In any month, the first class to pass the predetermined number of points (threshold number is on the next slide) will be awarded a classroom celebration.

· In any month, every class who passes the threshold will receive a “free period”.

· I will be working with Ms. Pesale and Ms. Frawley to bring back the monthly incentive tournaments which will be held on the following dates:

o April 8th, May 6th, June 3rd and (possibly) June 23, where June may have an early cutoff date (6/17?)

· Thresholds:

o March (23 days) - 850 points

o April (15 days) - 550 points

o May (20 days) - 750 points

o June - to be determined

· Students who do not meet the threshold will not be permitted to participate in the monthly incentive tournaments/assemblies.

If there are any questions about any of the content in this document or the program in general, please feel free to email ( or call (718.969.7780, x3210) at your earliest convenience.

I look forward to beginning this program and supporting your children to its fullest potential.


Marc P. Caputo, Assistant Principal