Interdisciplinary Creative Collaborative Academy (ICC)


Welcome to the ICC homepage. Use the tabs to navigate throughout the website to explore course learning target intentions, seminar schedules, meet our advisors, and more.

What is the Interdisciplinary Creative Collaborative (aka ICC) Academy?

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Interdisciplinary Creative Collaborative (ICC) is to provide opportunities to collaborate with learning coaches and peers while exploring personalized interests and real world issues.

No teachers!

We do not refer to ourselves as “teachers” in the ICC Academy. We are learning coaches and advisors. We have a learning coach licensed in each of the following areas: English, math, science, and social studies.

In addition to being learning coaches in their subject areas, each learning coach is an advisor to an assigned group of students (advisees). A student’s advisor will oversee the advisee’s progress in ALL of the courses they are taking for the year.

Design your own curriculum and schedule!

To be in the ICC Academy means that, within the blocks you are assigned in the ICC, you will choose how to design your day. Your ICC time will be filled with seminars, group and individual projects (topics of your choosing), and working on individual work. Instead of being confined to the same schedule for a grading period or a semester, you are able to work on all of your courses over the entire school year.

Personalized Learning

For each course, you are given a set of learning intentions. YOU get to decide how you will demonstrate your knowledge of that target. The sky is the limit! For example, in English, you will have to read a little poetry, some short stories, a fiction novel, a nonfiction novel, nonfiction articles, and a free choice of genre. YOU are able to choose which pieces you read (as long as they are of an appropriate level) and how you want to demonstrate knowledge and analysis of these pieces.

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