Resources for Grief and Loss

What is Grief and Loss? 

Grief and Loss is:

Grief is the normal response emotion that comes from losing someone or something important to you. It is a natural part of life. Grief is a typical reaction to death, divorce, job loss, a move away from family and friends, or loss of good health due to illness.

Just because grief is normal doesn't mean that it is easy to cope with.  On this page you will find resources to help:

A 4-Minute Video on Grief and Loss

Guidance on How to Support Children with Grief and Loss

                  Consider these steps when talking with your children:

1. Listen, connect and empathize. Make sure we recognize the feelings behind what is said.

2. It’s okay to try to keep routines the same. Routines help us feel better, safe and in control.

3. Maintain a sympathetic never-shaming attitude. It is okay to cry and share feeling of sadness.

4. Respond with authentic feelings. It is acceptable to express how we feel and what we do to help

      ourselves feel better.

Additional Grief and Loss Resources: