Graham Elementary and Middle School

Student Work

These projects are examples of work students have created throughout the years at GEMS. Browse to discover the process of learning, the products created, and how students have brought change to our community. This site can be used for teachers to share their student's products and get ideas from other teachers. Families and friends can view selections of student work, and the community can view how student-created projects inspire our community.

Students created a field guide or animals and plans found at vernal pools. Using knowledge from science and skills from art. The guide was created a vernal pool at a local Metro Park.

Enjoy these short, student created podcasts on various topics of the early 1900s such as immigration, the invention of flight, and transportation.

As part of an expedition on ecosystems, students created a dichotomous key on the ant to help community members identify types of ants in the their environment. Students presented their keys at the 5th grade Celebration of Learning at the Audubon Center.

As part of the Wheels of Change (Forces of Change) expedition, 8th grade students studied heroes in history, interviewed veterans, and wrote a narrative story about a veteran. The stories were published as a book- Ohio's Veteran's: Our True American Heroes.

How does one survive middle school? 6th grade students have published the handbook. After students studied early civilizations they applied their learning to the GEMS civilization.

The Cells of GEMS is another product created by 6th graders as part of the Adventure and Survival expedition. This student-created book compares cells to the GEMS community.

For this final product, 3rd grade students studied the character traits of various characters from the Peter Pan story, created bio poems about a character, and created an art collage.

For this final product, 1st grade students wrote an information paragraph about the bearded dragon. Along with the paragraph, students created a scientific drawing of the animal. Their writings and pictures were shared with family, peers, and other school community members at Celebration of Learning.

In this expedition, 2nd graders studied the life cycle of plants and importance of pollination. Student learned about four different pollinators- bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and moths.

This Kindergarten expedition is all about trees! Students studied different kind of trees, their life cycles, and how they are important for the environment.

Fourth Graders became experts on an animal and created presentations of their learning. Students learned how to research and write informational paragraphs about the animal, what it eats and its defense mechanism. They also virtually presented their animal project to their classmates in order to develop their speaking and listening skills.

A GEMS favorite, the 2nd grade butterfly expedition showcases students' abilities and talents in art, research, and writing. The final product was created to maintain and increase the butterfly population in Central Ohio.

In this expedition, students learned about poetry and writing. Their process of learning and student-created songs are available to enjoy.

In this expedition, students used literature and informational text to introduce students to the power of literacy and how people around the world overcome reading challenges.