Justice L

Musician Bio

My favorite color is Lime green. I have a cat. I have a xylophone, guitar, and had a piano. I do not play them a lot because I usually forget about them. I love swimming, playing games, running, and riding on my bike and scooter.

I like music because it´s used in so many different ways all across the world and there is a type of music for everybody.

I think music is important because it can change or help the mood you're in and inspire you. Without music, life just would not be as entertaining when music would be the best option.

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Hip Hop and Rap

Create a beat and record or write a rap

Hip Hop and Rap - Justice L Soundtrap.webm


Create a TikTok inspired mash-up by taking parts of different songs and putting them together.

Mash-up Project - Justice L Soundtrap.webm