Jexi F

Musician Bio

Hi there my name is Jexiarilys but you can call me Jexi for short. I really like singing but I get nervous. I do drawing every now and then. I'm a really nice person and I can be helpful. I love going to the beach or pool in the summer. I help my brothers to swim and float in the water. I help my mom with the baby and cleaning the house. I like having movie nights with my family. We sometimes have pizza nights, too. Pizza night is when we order pizza and put a movie on. When the pizza comes we play the movie and eat pizza. I like cooking a lot but I have to wait until I get older in age. I love eating. Good thing for me to be good in health. I love soccer and volleyball but I don't know how to play. I hope when I go to school I can learn how to play. I like seeing horror movies sometimes. I hope I pass grades. I really tried to do my best and I hope it payed off. I like giving a helping hand to people that need it. I like drinking coffee sometimes. I like the color blue a lot. I really like playing instruments like the violin and guitar. Thanks for being here! Bye.

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