Gordon D

Musician Bio

My favorite color is black. With my free time I listen to music and I like building with Legos.

I like music because music helps me concentrate.

I think music is important because i
f music never existed what would we do? Sit there doing nothing?

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First Assignment-Form

Compose music that follows a certain form.

Assignment Oct 5 Gordon D- Soundtrap.webm

Music and Emotion

Compose a piece of music that makes you feel the same way your favorite song makes you feel.

Music and Emotion - Gordon D Soundtrap.webm

What emotions do you feel when listening to your favorite song?




Bonus Projects

Projects created just for fun

Megalavonia Remix -Gordon D Soundtrap.webm
World 1-2 Mario remix - Gordon D Soundtrap.webm

Video Game Remix

Create the background music for a video game, change the sound effects, and then code it all into the project Scratch.

Paper Minecraft mods WITH LIGHTBLACK remix-2 on Scratch Gordon D.webm