MaKenna R

Musician Bio

I like the colors yellow, light blue, and pink. I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. I LOVE music. My favorite song is Train Wreck. I have a sense of fashion. I get picky when it comes to clothing.

I like music because it's comforting to me.

I think music is important because some people use music to calm down and to listen to.

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Music and Emotion

Compose a piece of music that makes you feel the same way your favorite song makes you feel.

Music and Emotion - Makenna R Soundtrap.webm

What emotions do you feel when listening to your favorite song?




Hip Hop and Rap

Create a beat and record or write a rap

Hip Hop and Rap - Makenna R Soundtrap.webm


Create a TikTok inspired mash-up by taking parts of different songs and putting them together.

Piano Project

Learn a song of your choice on piano using any learning method, or create your own piano music.