Jiaralyz F

Musician Bio

My favorite color is black. I watch a lot of anime. I'm not a very social person.

I like music because it helps me and others calm down or enjoy themselves.

I think music is important because it helps a lot of people and it's fun. It's also calming.

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First Assignment-Form

Compose music that follows a certain form.

Assignment Oct 5 - Jiaralyz F Soundtrap.webm

Music and Emotion

Compose a piece of music that makes you feel the same way your favorite song makes you feel.

Music and Emotion - Jiaralyz F Soundtrap.webm

What emotions do you feel when listening to your favorite song?





Create a TikTok inspired mash-up by taking parts of different songs and putting them together.

Mash-up Project - Jiaralyz F Soundtrap.webm