About Me

紀博文 Po-Wen Chi

  • Email: neokent@gapps.ntnu.edu.tw
  • Office: LAB514, Applied Science Building, No.88, Sec. 4, Tingzhou Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Office Phone: 02-7734-6684

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Taiwan Normal University. I received my Ph.D. (2016), M.S. (2005) and B.S. (2003) degrees at National Taiwan University.

My research interests include, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Applied Cryptography.
  • Network and system security.
  • Software defined networking.
  • Network function virtualization.
  • Embedded system development.

Journal Publication

  1. Ming-Hung Wang, Po-Wen Chi. Blurring Political Leanings of Messages on Social Networks Using Deniable Steganography. IEEE Access 2019.
  2. Chien-Ting Kuo, Po-Wen Chi, Victor Chang, Chin-Laung Lei. SFaaS: Keeping an eye on IoT fusion environment with security fusion as a service. Future Generation Computer Systems 2018.
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  5. Po-Wen Chi, and Chin-Laung Lei. Audit-Free Cloud Storage via Deniable Attribute-based Encryption. IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing 2015.
  6. Yu-Hsiang Lin, Po-Wen Chi, Ching-Lun Lin, Wei-Chih Lin. Fast Uncontrolled Handover scheme for WiMAX: infrastructure networks. International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems 2011.

Conference Publication

  1. Po-Wen Chi and Pin-Hsin Hsiao. Learnable Audio Encryption for Untrusted Outsourcing Machine Learning Services. AsiaJCIS 2019.
  2. Yu-Chiun Fang and Po-Wen Chi. 使用兩階式降低差值及調整參考像素值的灰階圖像隱寫術. CISC 2019.
  3. Po-Wen Chi and Ming-Hung Wang. Dynamic Key Management Scheme in IoT. ICS 2018.
  4. Po-Wen Chi and Ming-Hung Wang. A Lightweight Compound Defense Framework Against Injection Attacks in IIoT . IEEE DSC 2018.
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  8. Po-Wen Chi, Ming-Hung Wang, Che-Wei Lin, Jing-Wei Guo, Chin-Laung Lei, and Nen-Fu Huang. SDNort: A Software Defined Network Testing Framework Using Openflow. AsiaJCIS 2016.
  9. Tsung-Nan Lin, Yang-Ming Hsu, Sheng-Yi Kao, Po-Wen Chi. OpenE2EQoS: An Intelligent Meter-Based Method for Multimedia Transmission with End-to-End Quality of Service Provisioning over Software Defined Networks. IEEE PIMRC 2016.
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  1. 適用於多重雲端運算網路實體系統之代理屬性密碼技術研究,師範大學,2018/08/01 ~ 2019/07/31
  2. 霧聯網安全機制之研究,科技部,107-2218-E-003 -002 -MY3 ,2018/05/01 ~ 2021/04/30
  3. 資訊科技科教師增能推動計畫第二專長學分班,教育部,2018/07/01 ~ 2020/10/31