Student-led Civics Projects

Essential Questions

How do I decide if, when, and how to engage in civic and social action?

How can I engage as a member of my local, national, and global community?

Although primarily for Grade 8, the resources on this site could be implemented in a variety of grade levels. 

It is aligned with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Civics Project Guidebook for Student-led Civics Projects .

For more details about this resource and other Civics curricular resources, visit the Democratic Knowledge Project's website

Our Milestones 

Our Lessons At a Glance

Stage 1: 

Personal Narratives

What Kind of Changemaker Do You Want to Be?

How Young People Engage in Social and Civic Action Beyond Voting

How Young People Engage in Social and Civic Action Beyond Voting

Stage 2: 

Identifying an Issue (I to We)

What Do You Care About and Why?

How Much Should I Share?

Stage 3: 

Investigate (Wisdom of Crowds)

How Can I Obtain Credible Sources?

How Can I  Become Better Informed about My Issue?

How Can I Create an Effective Message? 

Stage 4: 

Voice to Influence    (Plan)

Are You Pursuing Voice, Influence, or Both? 

What Levers of Change Can I Pull? 

Credit: Cambridge Public Schools

What Means Can I Use to Get to the Levers of Change?

Stage 5: 

Voice to Influence (Action)

Finalize the Action Plan

Credit: Cambridge Public Schools

Implement the Plan

Stage 6: 


What Kind of Changemaker Are You Now? 

Our Path with the 10 Questions