Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Our Slogan

A community of inventors, designers and builders.

Our Vision

Lanier High School's CDAT will be a model of education by the example of cooperation with local participants, state industry and higher education in an environment that directly connects 21st century skills and student choice with district and state standards.

Our Mission

  • Students will become partners, to improve their own learning on their pace, with a focus on their creative interests as the connection to science, technology and communication.
  • Entrepreneurship and creativity will be cornerstones; students today want reality, and we will support them in genuine efforts with a genuine community and business focus.
  • Teachers will truly be professional educators, always evaluating and reflecting on optimizing pedagogical practices.


CDAT is based on the 3 principles of Authenticity, Creativity and Efficiency.

  • Authenticity - making real connections for students, regarding skills and opportunities. We use industry-level softwares, and push students to pursue contests and entrepreneurial opportunities while developing genuine portfolios.
  • Creativity - our students are encouraged to find their method of expression, and to use their dreams and visions to express their learning. The overlap of the creative and technological worlds are in high demand, and CDAT students will be very prepared for it.
  • Efficiency - not every student needs an hour for every subject, so we support the student at the level they need. In addition, CDAT students learn the power of teamwork and communication in our project-based learning world, understanding that it's much more efficient to work and plan together.

This is an evolving, organic effort. There is no final answer, just good change. CDAT will evolve and continue to improve, but will always have the primary focus of maximum learning, both in subject matter and in 21st century skills.