Rising 9th

As a 9th grader, you will have a choice between CDAT9 and the 9th Grade Academy. This is only a commitment for 9th grade, as all students will choose an official academy going into 10th grade (CDAT-STEM Academy, Global Business Leadership and Arts, and Life and Health Academy).

Both choices will offer support for 9th graders as they start their high school years, such as peer mentors, special advisement, and more.

The key difference is that CDAT9 will also be focused on more active and STEM-focused learning. Our 2021-2022 9th graders will be taking 3 credits: Science (Chemistry or Biology or AP Biology), Language Arts, and technology (Intro to Digital Technology or Foundations of Engineering or AP Computer Science Principles)! Our teachers collaborate and focus on making learning Authentic, Creative and Efficient. We do work with some projects, but always embrace projects that YOU want to pursue if you have a passion for it!

Students are with us for 3 consecutive hours, and the rest of the day they are participating in traditional high school classes. We are pretty good at it, already in 4 books and numerous articles about how successful we are (not to mention the awards such as Student Emmy's, a Patent, International Science Fair, and more.) You are not committed to CDAT for your entire time at Lanier High, just 9th grade (but we'd love to have you stay!).

We hope that we can help you to embrace STEM the way you see it, from hands-on manufacturing to understanding how to use technologies to save the world. You can take traditional core subjects, or have the option to start with an advanced combination of AP Biology, AP Computer Science Principles and Language Arts! Choose your level, choose your combination, let us help you create your future in STEM!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is STEM?

    • STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It ranges from auto mechanics to pre-med to robotics and programming. CDAT has been recognized as one of the most impressive, certified STEM programs in Georgia, and even in some national publications.

  • Are CDAT9 students just focused on STEM?

    • They are focused on creative projects to demonstrate their learning and to learn how to collaborate as a professional team, and we use their Language Arts and Science classes to have fun! Students who have demonstrated an interest in a particular area of STEM can choose to further that interest AS their project!

  • Is CDAT just like TWIST at Lanier Middle?

    • While there are some overlaps, students tell us that CDAT is much more open to student choice than TWIST, and that's because we are getting you ready for college or career! We do like projects, but you have a LOT more choice in projects based on YOUR interests. Any project you do should be about what YOU like to do.

  • Are CDAT9 students committed to the CDAT STEM Academy for their 4 years?

    • No, they can change any year when we register for classes.

  • Which students do well in CDAT9?

    • Our most successful students have the ability to work as a team, do their part, and be open to new ideas. We want them to try to discover their passion and interests, and we help them to go further with their pursuits. From welders to biotechnologists to programmers, we will help you accelerate beyond most of your peers in YOUR choice of STEM.

  • Can I take AP Biology as a 9th grader?

    • We DO allow 9th graders to try AP Biology. If it doesn't work out, we can easily let you move back to regular Biology without any other major changes to your schedule.

  • Can I take AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) as a 9th grader?

    • Yes! If you took Intro to Digital Tech (IDT) in 8th grade, you are already approved to take AP CSP, as it's the next course in programming. However, we will let other students begin with this course as well, and most will have no problem taking the class. If you would like credit for a "computing pathway", you would need to take IDT later on, but it's not required.

  • How do I sign up for CDAT9?

    • To register for CDAT9, simply choose it on your registration form, that's it!

  • What if I have more questions?