We have a wonderful staff in CDAT, teachers who really appreciate and demonstrate innovation. Here's a little bit about each:

Margaret Rohrbaugh - Academy Lead, Science Instructor (Biology, BioTech)

Margaret came to CDAT in the Fall of 2012, and turned CDAT into the STEM focus we have today. It was her conversation with some students about their 3D modeling work that chose our direction, integrating science, language arts and technology. She came to us from Emory directing high school internships with Atlanta Public Schools students focusing on science research. She has her doctorate in Biochemistry, Molecular and Microbiology from the Pennsylvania State University and has been working in science education since 2003. In addition to all her wonderful students she has a great set of guys at home: Eddie and her 3 sons keeping her very busy!

Mike Reilly - Founder, Technology Instructor

When Lanier High was founded in 2010, Mike was given the opportunity to try project-based learning in the new school. His experience with FIRST robotics and game programming (and former experience as a programmer/consultant with Accenture) drove him to try the PBL environment. In addition to teaching in CDAT, Mike is a member of the Autodesk Educators Council, Tech Students Association sponsor for Lanier Middle School, Innovation Coach for the Lanier Schools, Board of the Southeastern Makers Alliance, Board of Techies and Teachers, Board of Directors of, Governor Deal's CS Task Force and Teacher Advisory Committee and an extremely happy family guy with his wife Lesley, two kids and two dogs. Mike has a B.S. in Business from St. Michael's College, and an M.Ed. from the University of Michigan.

Jane Langan - Language Arts Instructor

Jane Langan received her Batchelor’s degrees in Secondary Education and English from Boston College. She has been teaching for 26 years, the last 5 at Lanier HS, and was thrilled to join the CDAT team in 2014. She is a firm believer in the ACE principles and is passionate about assisting her students as they determine their futures.

Jacob Cate - Language Arts Instructor

Jacob is new to CDAT this year, and brings a great new energy and enthusiasm. He's working with our Sophomore team, and also spends time with some our clubs and teams after school such as the Dungeon's and Dragons club. He comes to us from Collins Hill High, and he is amazing at recommending a good read, or having a well-informed debate/discussion about any topic.

Daron Martin - Science Instructor

Daron came to CDAT as a student teacher with the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship in the fall of 2015, and was elated to joined us as an official teacher in the fall of 2016. Daron is currently working with our freshmen Chemistry students, and has a passion for science literacy as well as transitioning students smoothly into our PBL culture. Additionally, he has a love for music and helps out with the Longhorn marching band. Daron received his B.S. in Biology from Georgia Southern University, and his M.A. in science education from Piedmont College.

Also, we will get around to their bios, but we have Britney Barrett (10th grade World History), John Becker (CDAT9 Technology), Tom Culpepper (Programming), Rozina Essani (infinite levels of Math) and Ryan Proffitt (Language Arts and so much more!)