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Full day 9:00 AM - 3:45 PM

Age range: 4-5 year old

The preschool summer program at CAC offers safe indoor and outdoor activities that are fun, give opportunities to make friendships and explore. The preschool program encourages children’s growing ability to make choices, work with others and take responsibility. Children will use the playgrounds, the gym and school fields to help explore nature, discover science, and engage in creative arts while learning about the great opportunities in the world around them. Teachers ensure preschoolers have joyful, suitable and significant learning experiences that lead to success in life.

Language: The students will be set in an environment in which books, language, and reading is cultivated through speaking, listening reading and writing.

Math: Will be implemented, simple counting and sorting are involved through activities.

Science: The participants will get the chance to discover, observe and experiment, they’ll be able to describe and form conclusions.

Arts: Children will be engaged in art, music, and dance to enable them to unleash their talents and express themselves artistically.

Sports and Swimming: They will be introduced to a variety of sports and swimming activities to work on.

Please note that the above schedule and/or time can be altered or changed/modified according to the summer camp vision and number of students without any prior notification The summer camp will try the best to make the schedule an optimum choice for all participants.

Session 1 or 2 Cost: (Two weeks)

Standard tuition is $680

Session 3 Cost: (One week)

Standard tuition is $340

Extra - Daily snack and lunch (with juice and fruits)

Two weeks $60.00

One Week $30.00