Anti-Racist Work at Baldwin

North Cambridge Courageous Conversations

We encourage the Baldwin community to engage with anti-racist work by participating in workshops organized by the NOCA Courageous Conversations. The caregiver-led activist group embraces the life-long work of acknowledging the racism inherent in our society. Join the community to help each other learn how to do better for every child in the Baldwin, Peabody and RAUC triad of schools. 

The Cambridge Families of Color Coalition (CFCC) is a collective of Families and Students of Color working to uplift, empower, celebrate, and nurture our students and each other. Our work is rooted in racial, social, and economic equity. Our goal is to see Cambridge Public Schools be a place where Students of Color thrive academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and in spirit.

Cambridge Families of Asian Descent (CFAD) is a group of Cambridge parents/caregivers of East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and multi-racial Asian heritage centered on forming social connections and advocating around increasing visibility of Asian-Americans in the school curriculum and community.