Frequently Asked Questions in PE


-Make up absences? (turn in missing work immediately & do level 4 choices)

-Know what I missed during an absence? (check planner or PE website)

-Check out a loaner? (bring ID to check out a clean loaner. (2x/quarter)

-Get a bandaid, shoes, or supplies? (supplies are located in the PE closet)

-Email an instructor? (email addresses are found in the planner for all staff)

-Improve my grade? (meet daily expectations and earn level 4 extra credit)

-Get extra credit for athletics? (submit the workbook form at seasons end)


-I’m not feeling well? (modify your participation level or check out/go home)

-Someone is bullying me? (report immediately or fill out the PE safety form)

-I’ve lost my lock or uniform? (check lost & found, purchase another. $5/$15)

-I need to see the nurse? (emergency only, get permission from teacher)

-I forgot my combination? (the serial # and combo. are located in workbook)

-I lost my workbook? (borrow a friends and photo copy a replacement)

-I can’t afford to pay for placement items? (ask for I.O.U. opportunities)

-I have a question about my grade? (check synergy or ask the teacher asap)

-it’s my 3rd loaner? (Fill out a PINC form inside workbook & get it signed)

-I need to study my workbook (take it home but have it daily in class)