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Welcome to Fit 2 Live and Learn

This course meets daily for 90 minutes and students receive graduation credits required for Health and Physical Education. Benson has combined its traditional Health and PE classes to be able to offer DAILY fitness development and an experiential approach to health concepts. This F2LL program is committed to year-long practice of optimal exercise, healthy eating and mental strength habits for our students. This new approach is our response to the national problems around academic achievement and obesity.

The F2LL program was co-created and piloted in 2013 by Benson staff, Linda McLellan and Katie Meyer in partnership with HealthCorps Coordinator, Amy Dushane. The current model is based upon PPS Common Curriculum Goals and Standards, HealthCorps’ curriculum, and proven research from HealthCorps Advisory Board Member Dr. John Ratey’s book: “SPARK: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain”. In 2013, Loudspeaker Films produced a documentary called The Heart of the Matter. The documentary highlights the success of our first year piloting F2LL. It’s been featured at The Portland Film Festival; throughout PPS; at Scholastic; The Oregon School Employee Wellness Conference and at HealthCorps trainings and annual Gala. Go to the video section on this website to watch this inspirational effort to make a difference.