What They Learn

PE: What they learn in Fit2Live&Learn

Focus: Healthy Bodies & Brain development

Regular MVPA; weight management; body composition; lean body mass; blood pressure; brain development.

Learn & Experience Essential Skills

Work habits; resourcefulness; character; work ethic; organizational skills; follow through; sharing; leadership; study habits; reading, writing; & math skills

Learn & Experience Communication Skills

Direct, verbal, written, non verbal, assertive vs passive; advocacy skills; multicultural activities; teaching & learning; peer development; conflict resolution

Learn & Develop Social Skills

Etiquette; inclusion; cooperation; teamwork; communication; advocacy; rules/laws; respect; multicultural activities; decision making; helping others

Learn & Experience Goal Setting

SMART goals; time management; organizational skills; maturation; motivation.

Learn & Practice Mental Strength habits

Competition; resilience; coping methods; stress management; winning/losing

Care & Prevention of exercise injuries & chronic disorders

Fractures; dislocations; heart disease; hypertension; tendonitis; strains; cramps, etc.

Learn about Sedentary Living & Disorders

Osteoporosis; asthma; heart disease; arthritis; hypertension; stroke; sprain; stress.

Learn & Experience Metabolism & Exercise

Caloric intake vs expenditure; healthy eating; vigorous/moderate exercise options.

Learn and Develop Health & Skill Related Fitness

Agility; coordination; flexibility; reaction time; balance; power, endurance & strength, body composition, speed.


Volleyball; floor hockey; basketball; soccer; ultimate frisbee; golf; bowling; racquetball; cooperative games; hacky sac; juggling; yoga; pickleball; ice skating; jump rope; weight training; track & field; badminton; ping pong; Tech Show; lifetime activities and exercise field trips.