Parent Information

Parent Information

Parents - Thanks for taking a moment to look at what F2LL is all about at Benson High School!

Student Grading:

PE PARTICIPATION GRADING RUBRICS: *Each day is worth 10 points

Level 4 – Caring & Leadership: Exceeds Daily Expectations (+3 pts)

Exemplary effort, leadership qualities, ‘A’ on tests, helping others, accepts challenges

Level 3 – Responsibly Self –Directed: Meets Daily Expectations (Full credit)

On task, on time, prepared for class, following directions, passes tests- ‘C’

Level 2 – Irresponsible/Minimal Involvement: (Does Not Meet Daily Expectations (-3 pts or -5 pts)

Lacks effort to succeed, unprepared for class; off task, wastes time, fails tests.

Level 1 – Absent/No Evidence Demonstrated: (No Evidence of daily expectation) (No credit)

No evidence of effort demonstrated to succeed in class.

Level 0 - Insubordination/Intentional Defiance: (Removed from class) (-15 pts)

Refusal to cooperate, Cheating, Skipping, Unsafe, Disruptive – Referral to Dean/VP