FIT2LIVE&LEARN PROGRAM GOAL: The goal of this program is to focus primarily on three aspects of health & wellness. Fitness & Exercise; Mental Strength and Nutrition. Health and Physical Education infuses both curriculums into many creative and collaborative lessons that enhance understanding through experiential learning. However, each course is graded separately. Our motto: Learn it, feel it, know it, show it. Learn it through lecture & discussion; Feel it with labs & experience; Know it through studying/homework; and Show it with demonstration, assessments, and group projects.

Physical Education: Each student gets 5 days a week of physical exercise and fitness (225 minutes/week). Three moderate exercise days filled with games, units and competitions and two vigorous exercise days of a Personal Training Work Outs. PT – WOD: (personal training, workout of the day)

Health: Each student will get a full year (5 days a week) of required health curriculum units, weekly nutrition lessons and mental health development in a variety of settings (classroom, labs, gymnasium and experiential group projects). Each student will have the opportunity to earn the privilege of participating in a cooking lab once a month through the OSU SNAP-ED program partnership.


PE Vigorous Days: PT – WOD: (Personal Training – Work Out of the Day). Two days a week (Tuesday & Thursdays) students complete their 20 – 30 minute WOD with their designed TECH group. The purpose is to create a VIGOROUS workout specific to the fitness needs of the varying groups. Use of the gyms, wt. room, tracks, cardio room, circuit room, mat room, Railyard apparatus and the community are shared locations. Heart rate monitors (watches & bars) as well as pulse assessments are used to evaluate and monitor exertion and effort towards maintaining their vigorous zones.

PE Moderate PE Days: Mondays and Wednesdays are 45 minute lessons involving PE units/games & competitions such as ultimate frisbee, basketball, badminton, soccer, jump rope, flag football, hacky sac, juggling, floor hockey, pickleball, etc.

PE Choice/Challenge Days (Friday): Fridays are used for CH/CH Days. This flexible lesson is a motivator for earning activity choices or make up and extra credit for the week. Fridays are also used for assessments & tests.

PE Beginner/Advanced Class Setting: A student earns their daily participation setting based on their preparation for class & passing proficiencies. Beginner levels of course delivery is required for students who fail to come prepared for learning (homework, uniform or workbooks) or who do not pass assessments or proficiencies. This beginner level offers more time spent on instruction so that each student successfully passes the assessments or demonstrates daily expectations. Advanced level of participation includes giving prepared and proficient students more choices; challenges and opportunities to be self-directed. Both levels are assessed with the same grading rubrics. The main purpose of the two levels are to insure that all students learn by re-teaching those who need it as well as challenging, promoting and rewarding proficient students who demonstrate good academic habits.

PE PARTICIPATION GRADING RUBRICS: *Each day is worth 10 points

Level 4 – Caring & Leadership: Exceeds Daily Expectations (+3 pts)

Exemplary effort, leadership qualities, ‘A’ on tests, helping others, accepts challenges

Level 3 – Responsibly Self –Directed: Meets Daily Expectations (Full credit)

On task, on time, prepared for class, following directions, passes tests- ‘C’

Level 2 – Irresponsible/Minimal Involvement: (Does Not Meet Daily Expectations (-3 pts or -5 pts)

Lacks effort to succeed, unprepared for class; off task, wastes time, fails tests.

Level 1 – Absent/No Evidence Demonstrated: (No Evidence of daily expectation) (No credit)

No evidence of effort demonstrated to succeed in class.

Level 0 - Insubordination/Intentional Defiance: (Removed from class) (-15 pts)

Refusal to cooperate, Cheating, Skipping, Unsafe, Disruptive – Referral to Dean/VP

Fit2Live&Learn Workbook: The Fit2LiveandLearn workbook provides content, grading policies, expectations, guidelines & rules, permission slips, parent communications, and a variety of health and PE assignments, labs and concepts to be covered in this combined Health & PE course. Written tests are given on Fridays to assess understanding and retakes follow for those who fail.

Field Trips/Partnerships: Benson High School’s special city location that allows us to take part in community partner field trips for activity. We are able to utilize the local fitness clubs, bowling lanes, ice skating rink, health clubs and rock climbing venues within blocks of the school. OSU SNAP-ED program offers a weekly cooking portion for students on Wednesdays to learn basics in healthy nutrition preparation. Each student has an opportunity once a month to participate in this privilege.


Health Units: Students get daily health instruction in a variety of configurations. All standards and curriculum units are covered in the full year of Fit2Live&Learn. Two days a week, students are in the classroom for 45 minutes to learn the complete comprehensive health curriculum of topics and standards.

Mental Strength: This one day a week (Thursdays) lesson for 30 minutes focuses on personal self- management skills. It includes using lessons in Yoga, Tai Chi, stretching, mediation and other stress management activities for assisting students in navigating the struggles of teen years by developing mental strength habits. Brain development is a key learning component of mental strength.

Nutrition: Every Wednesday is a nutrition education day that extends through the entire school year. This focus includes dieting, nutrients, nutrition habits, healthy eating, eating disorders, healthy weight loss/gain, cooking/meal prep, food safety, budgeting, metabolism, etc.

Projects: Individual, small and large group projects are the focus on Fridays. Such projects includes two home cooking work samples, vigorous workout teaching project, the Benson Health Fair, community activity project and the annual Tech Show.