Training Opportunities

Training opportunities will be provided on an on-going basis to staff in Google foundation tools, educational apps, and best practices. Fife's TLI department will be providing a mix of the following training opportunities:

  • Instructor-led formal training sessions taught by the district instructional technology facilitator or building instructional leaders
  • Online training sessions through Google Classroom where staff can learn at their own pace on topics of personal professional interest
  • One-on-one collaboration time with the district instructional technology facilitator or building instructional leader
Session Offerings

To see a list of current instructor-led training sessions, go to the Course Offerings page for a description of the courses as well as time and location. These sessions generally qualify for your 7 hours of paid professional technology-based learning.

Training Calendar

To register for a training session, go to the Training Calendar page, click on the course on the calendar on the training you are interested in attending. This will open up a description of the session with a link to a registration form. Complete the attached registration form for that session.

G Suite Online Training

Want to Learning More About G Suite?

G Suite Online Training - Google has created a comprehensive video library comprised of video training clips ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes in length. Once you access the training page, all of the G Suite apps are listed across the top of the page. On the right side will include a list of all video tutorials pertaining to that application.

You can also access G Suite training by clicking on the G Suite icon in the upper-right corner of any G Suite app!

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Do you want to request a technology training or technology planning and collaboration meeting? Click here!