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Fife School District Vision for Digital Learning

The Fife School District recognizes that in order for our students to be 21st Century ready, we need to provide rich opportunities for students to collaborate, communicate, think critically, and exercise creativity, all while being responsible digital citizens. The Fife School District recognizes that technology will never be a replacement for great teaching; however, technology can be an incredibly powerful tool to enhance teaching and learning. This site is your portal to access an array of resources to help you feel better prepared to address the needs of our 21st Century learners.

On this site, you will find access to:

As you dive into the meaningful work of technology integration, please don't hesitate to reach out to your district instructional technology facilitator or building instructional leader (BIL) for assistance. Remember, we are here to support you!

Assistant Director of Professional & Digital Learning - Keith Hannah 


Phone: (253) 517-1015

Building-Level Technology Instructional Facilitators

Discovery BIL Team Member - Shari Smerer


Phone: (253) 517-1200 Ext. 21225

Hedden BIL Team Member - Ruby Gellner


Phone: (253) 517-1500 Ext. 25407

CJH BIL Team Member - Melissa Brownell


Phone: (253) 517-1600 Ext. 27207

Fife Elementary K-2 BIL Team Member - Kim Thiede


Phone:  (253) 517-1400 Ext. 28237

Fife Elementary 3-5 BIL Team Member - Lisa Wood


Phone: (253) 517-1400 Ext. 28303

SLMS BIL Team Member - Matt Jewell


Phone: (253) 517-1300 Ext. 23305

FHS BIL Team Member - Michelle Laskowski


Phone: (253) 517-1100 Ext. 27301

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Do you want to request a technology training or technology planning and collaboration meeting? Click here!