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This page is for teachers and families of gifted learners. You can find links to forms, activities, and information about the gifted and talented programs at Southern Elementary and Mary Todd Elementary. 

 Our gifted and talented services are designed to match the unique needs, abilities, and interests of Fayette County students. From primary through high school, students are encouraged to maximize their abilities through a wide range of services that offer appropriate learning opportunities to nurture their individual gifts and talents.

PTP/GT Overview

What is the Primary Talent Pool  (PTP)?

The Primary Talent Pool is a group of students who possess demonstrated or potential ability to perform at exceptionally high levels in the primary years (Kindergarten through Third Grade).

Students in the primary program who display gifted or talented characteristics shall be selected through an informal process, be placed in a talent pool and receive services that allow continuous progress. 

What is Gifted and Talented (GT)?

In the intermediate grades (Grades 4-5), students must be formally identified in order to receive special G/T services. Students can be referred in any of the 5 areas of G/T. At least three assessment measures are needed in order to refer a student.  Students identified for the areas of General Intellectual Ability and Specific Academic Aptitude must have a score in the ninth stanine (96th percentile or above) on a nationally norm-referenced test as one of the three measures. The other two measures can include work samples, checklists, observations, etc. 4th and 5th graders who participate in the G/T program have a Gifted Services Student Plan which describes the services received. Students in these grades also receive a progress report at least twice a year.



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