Principal Certification Program

Region 14 Principal Program Benefits:

Test Preparation for TExES 268

Support for PASL

AEL Certification

T-TESS Training and Certification

Instruction grounded in Texas Instructional Leadership best practices

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The Region 14 ESC Principal Alternative Certification Program (PACP) provides an intensive one-year preparation program for aspiring principals. Individuals holding a master’s degree participate in an intensive, comprehensive program leading to principal certification. The program is designed only for highly committed candidates who can excel in a fast-paced training environment.

Candidates acquire knowledge and skills in a practical, real-world learning environment. Networking opportunities promote development of collegial relationships among candidates, their site supervisors, and other practicing administrators.

Training includes seminars delivered by practitioners in the field of administration, mentoring by an experienced principal, and field-based experiences. Initial training takes place during the months of June and July and continues with monthly one-day sessions during the school year. Training is directed toward successful passage of the TExES principal’s test. Curriculum is directly aligned to the state-mandated Principal Standards, which include (1) Instructional Leadership; (2) Human Capital; (3) Executive Leadership; (4) School Culture; and (5) Strategic Operations.

Candidates participate in an intensive one-year practicum in an actual school setting while continuing in their current assignment. Candidates gain real-world experience as they take substantial leadership roles during the practicum.

PACP consultants, who conduct and monitor the program, maintain close contact with the candidates and their site supervisors. Program consultants oversee the practicum and visit the campus a minimum of three (3) times during the school year.

Region 14 makes a recommendation to the state for a standard certificate at the end of the program. This recommendation is contingent upon successful completion of all program requirements, a passing score on the TExES test, and recommendations from the intern’s mentoring principal and the Region 14 ESC program staff.

Sample Schedule

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  • Master’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning

  • A minimum of two (2) years teaching experience

  • Completed application with official, sealed transcripts from all colleges and universities

  • Copy of the Teacher Service Record

  • Payment of a non-refundable $100.00 application fee

    • 3.0 GPA Required. If GPA is not met, contingent admission may be granted on a case by case basis.

    • Admission Interview required.

Note: If you do not have a master’s degree, please select the “Master of Education” tab.

19 TAC §227.10(a)(5

For an applicant who will be seeking an initial certificate in a class other than classroom teacher, the applicant shall meet the minimum requirements for admission described in Chapter 239 of this title (relating to Student Services Certificates); Chapter 241 of this title (relating to Principal Certificate); and Chapter 242 of this title (relating to Superintendent Certificate). If an applicant has not met the minimum certification, degree, and/or experience requirement(s) for issuance of a standard certificate prior to admission, the EPP shall inform the applicant in writing of any deficiency prior to admission.

Cost of Program

  • Program Application Fee: $100.00 (non-refundable fee is required when an application is submitted)

  • State Fee: $35.00 (included in the down payment)

  • Program Fee: $6,000.00*

  • Down Payment: $1035.00 (includes state fee)

  • Out-of-Region Fee: $1,000.00 (if the candidate completes the practicum outside of the Region 14 service area)

  • TExES Examination Fees: fees submitted directly to testing company at the time the candidate is ready to take the TExES test.

    • TExES 268 - $210.00

    • PASL Test - $400.00

  • Application Fee for Probationary Certificate: $78.00**

  • Application Fee for Intern Certificate: $78.00***

  • Application for Standard Principal Certification: $78.00****

  • Books / Materials Fee: Candidates pay all costs for books and materials.

*Once the down payment of $1035.00 has been made, the candidate will have a balance of $5,000.00, which is prorated over ten (10) months at no interest. The program fee is paid directly to Region 14’s ACP.

**If the principal candidate is serving in a principal position prior to the completion of the certification program, the $78.00 fee will be paid directly to TEA when the candidate applies for the probationary certificate. To qualify for a probationary certificate, the candidate must have passed the TExES test.

***If the principal candidate is serving in a principal position but has not yet passed the Principal TExES test, the candidate will need to make application for an intern certificate.

****The $78.00 fee will be paid directly to TEA when the intern has completed all program requirements and passed the Principal TExES test.

NOTE: Fees and charges can change at any time when state law changes or when TEA mandates affect Region 14’s program costs.


The following criteria must be met satisfactorily to be recommended for certification:

  • Complete all training hours

  • Satisfactorily complete all assignments and projects

  • Pass the TExES Principal test

  • Receive recommendations from both the mentoring principal and the Region 14 PACP consultant

  • Payment of all program fees

Certificates received through Region 14’s Principal Alternative Certification are recognized throughout the state of Texas. These certificates are commensurate to university administrator preparation programs.

How to Apply

Complete Principal Application

  • To submit the completed application, select FILE - DOWNLOAD - PDF. Add your name to the title, and save it to your device. You may then send the PDF to us by clicking this link: Send Your Documents To Me Safely

  • Please be sure to include the teaching certificate, the Teacher Service Record, and mail us the official copy (in a sealed envelope) of the master’s degree along with the non-refundable $100.00 application fee. The fee can be taken care of by phone by calling 325-675-8605.

You may also print your completed application and return it to us by mail or hand deliver to:

Greg Priddy

Office: (325) 675-8684

Region 14 ESC

1850 Highway 351

Abilene Tx, 79601

Texas Education Code §227.1. General Provisions.

(b)(1) pursuant to the Texas Education Code (TEC), §22.083, candidates must undergo a criminal history background check prior to employment as an educator; and (2) pursuant to the TEC, §22.0835, candidates must undergo a criminal history background check prior to clinical teaching.

Further, the EPP shall notify each applicant of

(d)(1)the potential ineligibility of an individual who has been convicted of an offense for issuance of a certificate on completion of the EPP, and (2) the current State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) rules prescribed in §249.16 of this title (relating to Eligibility of Persons with Criminal History for a Certificate under Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 53, and Texas Education Code, Chapter 21); and (3) the right to request a criminal history evaluation letter as provided in Chapter 227, Subchapter B, of this title (relating to Preliminary Evaluation of Certification Eligibility).

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