Master of Education with Texas Principal Certification

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What makes our Masters of Education Degree program different...


We value the contact that you make in person through face-to-face class meetings. A portion of the masters degree program will consist of direct contact with your professors. We are teamed up with Sul Ross State University for our masters degree. These classes will meet at Region 14 ESC South in Abilene. You will never have to travel to Alpine for a class. The entire program is designed with teachers in mind so that your school work will not interfere with your employment. Our masters program is a 33 hour program.


Up to 12 credit hours of appropriate coursework may be transferred into the program from an accredited institution. This transfer must be approved by an academic adviser and must have been taken within the last six years.

You will pay a $1000 non-refundable payment to Region 14 ESC before you start. (This consists of a $500 Masters Program Fee, and a $500 deposit towards your certification program.)

Once you have completed your masters degree you will start your Texas Principal Certification or Texas School Counselor* (see note below) certification portion of the program. For this part we bring in practicing superintendents, principals, counselors, and other administrators that walk you through what is going on in “today's” school environment. You will be getting the most up to date information available. This puts you in direct contact with the administrators that make hiring decisions throughout our region. You simply cannot get this information or contact with administrators from any online program. For more information about the certification portion of the program, click the Principal or Counselor Certification tab.

Successful completion of the 33 credit hours and the certification training, which includes an internship, provides the academic preparation required for certification in Texas.

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  • Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution

  • Two years teaching experience in a TEA accredited school (or will have finsied teaching for at least two years within the 2 year program)

  • 2.5 grade point average or 3.0 on last 60 hours

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Masters Degree with Principal Certification

The Masters program is just over a year. The remainder of the 2 year program consist of Principal certification training and an internship.

Two core classes will be taught each semester. One class will meet face-to-face on Saturdays, and the other will be online while completing masters degree. Once 33 hours is completed Texas School Principal Certification will begin. These classes will include an internship during the following school year.

Course Format

We value the "human" element in our programs. There will be some online content, but a large portion of our program will involve classroom meetings with your professors, and direct contact with administrators from throughout Region 14.

How to Apply

To apply, download and fill out each of the documents below

Complete Masters Program Application Packet

Along with the documents above enclose the following items, your teaching certificate, your teacher service record, and 2 official copies of your transcripts, and a $100 (non-refundable) application fee. We must have a transcript from every school you have attended.

NOTE- We must have 2 official transcripts from each university you have attended. Please have them sent directly to the address below. We can get your enrollment process started with unofficial copies as long as the officials are in transit to us.

Submit the application documents above to:.

Greg Pace

Office: (325) 675-7026

Cell: (325) 725-1808

Region 14 ESC South

4300 S. Treadaway Blvd.

Abilene, TX 79602