Call for Presenters Now Open

Join us Jan 23-25, 2020 in Budapest as we return to the Pearl of the Danube for our 34th annual conference.

ELMLE's conferences are hugely successful because of teachers like YOU! Educators have a forum to learn with and from one another and share ideas that work at this conference catering to the unique strengths and needs of students ages 10-14. We have the opportunity to come together with like minded professionals to refocus on what really matters.

We hope you'll join us to share your practice and your passion. Submit your presentation proposal now! Deadline is Oct 1, 2019.

Check out why Budapest was recently named Europe's Best Destination!

What's New at ELMLE in 2020?

ELMLE aims to be one of the most innovative and creative conferences available to middle school educators, and to do this we are going to shake things up this year!

We started planning this year’s conference by wondering about possibilities - both for the conference and for our middle schools. We wondered...How might we reimagine our conference to engage delegates in a 3-day conversation about what MS could be? How might we build a community of learners around a common focus?

We landed on our focus for this year by exploring these possibilities, and the theme of “What if…?” developed. What if... a conference were a place where you could build a lasting network of colleagues, develop and dream together, and hold each other accountable to goals? What if... we designed for the powerful outcomes of our conference instead of leaving them to chance? What if... the learning from our conference could last well beyond the weekend? What if... we involved students in the conversation? What if... we could measure the impact of our learning together?

We’re excited to explore these questions and more with you at #ELMLEBudapest. The Steering Committee is taking a very intentional approach to designing this year’s conference, and we hope you'll be a part of the conversation. Submit your presentation proposal now! Deadline is Oct 1, 2019.

Budapest | 2020

Here's some of what you can expect at #ELMLEBudapest. Check out our conference page here.

  • Inspiration + Possibility
  • Networking
  • Engaging in a focused conversation
  • Stories of impact
  • Great facilitation

What Our Teachers Say

  • "It's such a welcoming, supportive community of MS educators, and I appreciated being able to make connections to other people who work in middle school...A perfect size to interact and work with fellow educators."
  • "I left feeling inspired with renewed determination. I enjoyed the entire conference, from lectures to networking...the amazing culture of friendliness, collaboration, great humour, fabulous people."
  • "It was lovely to have reflection and planning time to set goals...great balance in terms of topics between well-being, multilingualism, leadership, and sexuality education."
  • "I really value the ability to resync my thinking back to what is best for my students. We, as teachers, always get caught up in all of the clutter and noise of educational expectations. It is always good to go to a conference with your colleagues and your principals to have our lens refocused back to really what is best for our kids."
  • "It's brilliant to have these organisations (NWEA MAP, IBO MYP) present at the conference and us not having to do two conferences."
  • "The speakers and the variety of teacher presenters provided easy, useable tools for immediate implementation in the classroom."

The European League for Middle Level Education

ELMLE is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting middle level education. Founded in 1986, ELMLE is an international affiliate of the United States’ Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE).

ELMLE’s global membership comprises schools and individuals in Europe, and includes members from such countries as the United States, South Africa, India and China. A ten-member steering committee, elected by its diverse membership, organizes its annual European educational conference.

Mission Statement

The European League for Middle Level Education is dedicated to inspiring administrators and teachers of young adolescents to improve their knowledge and professional practices which promote positive student learning. Our main task is to sponsor an annual conference for middle level educators.

Association for Middle Level Education

Registration is open for the annual AMLE conference, and ELMLE Members receive a $50 discount by using the discount code A19BD. Head to Nashville, TN from Nov 7-9, 2019 for three days of innovation, creativity, and inspiration at the 46th Annual Conference for Middle Level Education! See the AMLE.ORG website for more details!

AMLE is our parent organization. If your school is an ELMLE member school, you are also an AMLE member, and you have access to all of their resources and benefits. Check out to access them.