Photo Contest Winner Valerie Villa, American Overseas School of Rome


Bridges: Support, Connect, Balance

What a fantastic weekend of learning and connecting in the Invincible City! Our 37th annual conference was a huge success thanks to our teacher presenters, featured speakers, exhibitors, the Pestana Douro hotel staff, and the sunshine! We've issued a call to action around our theme of Bridges in order to support, connect, and balance learning and wellbeing. What was the one thing that you committed to during the conference? How will you make an impact, and what will you share next year in London? 

Remember that all of the session handouts and resources are on the Whova App, and everything will be available until the end of April. If there is anything you'd like to make sure you have access to for a longer time, be sure to download it! 

Thanks again for your engagement and for expanding our professional network. If you're feeling inspired, consider submitting an article for ELMLE News or the Bridge in the Middle blog. We look forward to welcoming you to London next year!

We leave you with a reflection from one of our conference attendees: 

"I am still beaming from the incredible experience I had in Porto. You and the committee should be commended on a fantastic agenda, venue, hospitality, and planning. No detail was missed. And the Gala…..just wow, wow, wow. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the speakers as well. And it goes without saying, but the attendees….whoa. Passionate, smart, engaging, and welcoming,…and I will stop there. Tremendous humans.  And lastly, the use of WHOVA was as smooth as any conference I have ever attended. It was a priceless tool for attendees. Please pass along my accolades to the rest of the committee. I hope you all get some time to relax with a great sense of accomplishment." (Aaron Beighle, Professor, University of Kentucky)

Love our logo? We do too!

The #ELMLEPorto logo was created by Aya Akerman and Anastasiia Litovchenko, two grade 8 students at the American Overseas School of Rome, as part of our annual logo design contest. 

In this real-world learning experience, students were asked to include the theme of the conference, as well as a visual representation of Porto, our host city. As part of the design brief, they were provided with the HEX codes for the ELMLE colors and a vector copy of the official ELMLE logo to incorporate into the design. The ELMLE Steering Committee received more than 40 entries!

The designers, Aya and Anastasiia, received an Amazon gift card, and their nominated teacher, Jennifer Bogart, received a complimentary pre-conference registration at #ELMLEPorto!

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