ELMLE 2023

Bridges: Support, Connect, Balance

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our 36th annual conference in beautiful Porto, on 26-28 January 2023. After two years of online sessions, we will get back to in-person meaningful conversations, share stories of impact and explore Bridges in order to Support, Connect and Balance learning and wellbeing.

Join us at the gorgeous Pestana Douro Riverside hotel for an inspiring weekend, networking, and collaborating with other passionate Middle School educators like you!

New ELMLE Blog: Bridge in the Middle

Check out the new format for Bridge in the Middle!

In honoring the importance the ELMLE community places on relationships, the theme for the 2021-2022 school year is Connect. The theme refers to the importance of connecting in a multitude of ways: between teachers and students, class curriculum and real world events, learning across subject areas and even different points of view.

The magic of Middle School is relationships and connections. The same is true for ELMLE, which has always encouraged continuing professional community and learning.

ELMLE is committed to maintaining professional relationships for its members and intends to continue facilitating this essential connection. Therefore we will continue to incorporate #ELMLEVirtual sessions throughout the 2021-22 school year in addition to our #ELMLEConnect conference which was pivoted to a virtual event on January 29, 2022.

Register for our Year-long Speaker Series

Click here to register for the #ELMLEVirtual Mondays for the Middle series. It's free for member schools.

After you've registered for #ELMLEVirtual and have downloaded the Whova app, use the links to add events to your calendar.

Mondays for the Middle

ELMLE’s "Mondays for the Middle" is a year-long virtual series of featured speakers, forums, Job Alike events. These sessions occur on Mondays at 18:30 CET.

All ELMLE member schools and individuals enjoy free year-long access to ELMLE’s ongoing professional learning community - every event, all year long. All events and schedules will be hosted in our ELMLE Whova conference app platform and accessible throughout the academic year for Job Alikes, community boards, individual connections and virtual meetups.

Don’t want to miss out? Make certain that your individual or school membership is current by contacting Lenelle Davis (ldavis@elmle.org). New to ELMLE? All are welcome to join with professional individual or school membership! Individual non-members are also welcome to register with a one-time registration fee of 150€ to have year long access to all of the virtual events.

ELMLE looks forward to keeping the connections and continuing the conversation with you in the coming school year through our #ELMLEConnect virtual and in-person format!

What Our Teachers Say

  • “I always like everything about ELMLE. It has a ‘special vibe’. Everyone is always eager to learn and make connections.”

  • "Wow, what a graceful digital pivot. So impressed. Thanks for keeping the ELMLE spirit thriving."

  • "Thank you for making the registration so easy and for organising such interesting and helpful online learning events."

  • "It's such a welcoming, supportive community of MS educators, and I appreciated being able to make connections to other people who work in middle school...A perfect size to interact and work with fellow educators."

  • "I left feeling inspired with renewed determination. I enjoyed the entire conference, from lectures to networking...the amazing culture of friendliness, collaboration, great humour, fabulous people."

  • "It was lovely to have reflection and planning time to set goals...great balance in terms of topics between well-being, multilingualism, leadership, and sexuality education."

  • "I really value the ability to resync my thinking back to what is best for my students. We, as teachers, always get caught up in all of the clutter and noise of educational expectations. It is always good to go to a conference with your colleagues and your principals to have our lens refocused back to really what is best for our kids."

  • "The speakers and the variety of teacher presenters provided easy, useable tools for immediate implementation in the classroom."

The European League for Middle Level Education

ELMLE is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting middle level education. Founded in 1986, ELMLE is an international affiliate of the United States’ Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE).

ELMLE’s global membership comprises schools and individuals in Europe, and includes members from such countries as the United States, South Africa, India and China. A ten-member steering committee, elected by its diverse membership, organizes its annual European educational conference.

Mission Statement

The European League for Middle Level Education is dedicated to inspiring administrators and teachers of young adolescents to improve their knowledge and professional practices which promote positive student learning. Our main task is to sponsor an annual conference for middle level educators.

Association for Middle Level Education

AMLE is our parent organization. If your school is an ELMLE member school, you are also an AMLE member, and you have access to all of their resources and benefits. Check out www.amle.org to access these resources, as well as their timely AMLE's COVID-19 Resource Center.