ELMLE Fall Leadership Retreat


Participants of the Fall 2019 Leadership Retreat in Zurich, Switzerland.

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ELMLE Leadership Group

ELMLE recognizes the importance of all types of leadership and continues to support educators in this role. Traditionally, ELMLE has hosted a fall leadership retreat where we met in person for an opportunity to connect, be inspired, problem solve, and learn from one another. This year, the leading and learning continues in the form of our ELMLE Leadership Job Alike. These collaborative learning sessions are designed for leaders and aspiring leaders such as principals, program coordinators, curriculum directors, grade level team leaders, and other leadership roles. Educators from all schools are invited to join us. Please contact Job Alike Leaders Tami Canale (tcanale@elmle.org) or Carol Wallace (cwallace@isstavanger.no) to be added to our VIP list!

What people are saying about the ELMLE Leadership Retreat

This was my second ELMLE Leadership Retreat and like the first, it exceeded expectations. I'm grateful to have had this opportunity to spend two days with dedicated middle-level educators who have so much wisdom and experience in a wide range of very relevant areas. The willingness of everyone at the retreat to share resources meant that I came away with a wealth of information that I have already used to improve how I work and lead. This was a very capable group of leaders! David Wood, ZIS Middle School Principal

The ELMLE conference was a professional development opportunity that helped me network with others and was super applicable to my current practice as a curriculum coordinator. The amount of resources and reading that were referenced was EXCEPTIONAL. I have a list of professional reading that will last me a long time! - Jaia Masterson, FIS Upper School Curriculum Coordinator

ELMLE events provide such great opportunities for meaningful learning and reflection; I always come away feeling refreshed and inspired. -Suzanne Keys, ZIS Assistant Principal