THPS wellbeing workshop part 1 and 2.mp4

Wellbeing at THPS (part 1 & 2) - Parent workshop Term 1

THPS wellbeing workshop - part 3 emotional regulation.mp4

Wellbeing at THPS (part 3) - Emotional regulation

Wellbeing at THPS

Our goal is to build resilient, happy and able kiddies at THPS. Thank you to those who joined us for our first Wellbeing workshop for 2021. This workshop entailed three parts and can be viewed by watching the videos below:

  • Why wellbeing is important (Tim Moran, Head of Education, Beyond Blue)

  • Wellbeing at THPS (Rhys Coulson, Principal )

  • Strategies for emotional awareness and regulation (Celene Black and Julia Laidlaw, Wellbeing Leaders of THPS)

We hold a wellbeing workshop for parents and carers each term. It is a great way to learn more about the wellbeing language and practises being used in our classrooms, as well as picking up strategies for home. Keep a look out for dates for our next workshop on emotional regulation in Term 2.

Wellbeing and our health...

Taking care of ourselves at the moment is even more important than ever. We understand that our children, families and wider community are facing greater levels of anxiety, stress and pressure.

Now is the time to use our different tools and resources to practise good wellbeing and monitor how we are feeling. We will continue to share resources and activities via Google Classroom and our fortnightly 'THPS Wellbeing Newsletter' (published even weeks via COMPASS).

We encourage students and families to continue with wellbeing practices they have been exposed to at school, including:


  • Brain and movement breaks

  • Daily mindful practice

  • Tools from their 'Emotional tool Box'

  • Character Strengths


Below are links to sites that students have used as well as other reliable resources to support wellbeing.

Staying connected with others as well as your THPS family is also essential for your health. Please feel free to contact our school office via email templestowe.heights.ps@education.vic.gov.au if you would like to discuss any of the above resources or just to chat!

It's OK to have a Bad Day

Throughout this period, we are all going to have good days, some not so good days and realistically, even some bad days. Andrew Fuller (renown clinical psychologist) has written a short piece about this very notion that we may have a bad day. He talks about accepting that you are having a bad day and not to try and make things better. He details some excellent strategies for us all to use (such as talking to your pet, listening to music or take a check-up from your neck up) but to always remember tomorrow is a new day. You can read his short article by clicking here.

MINDSETS - parent video.mp4


This term our focus for wellbeing is on accomplishment which is defined as the development of individual potential through striving for and achieving meaningful outcomes. A valuable outcome of helping children develop the skills, knowledge and mindsets for accomplishment is that it equips them with a comprehensive toolkit that they can use to thrive in their studies. Research consistently indicates that intelligence and talent are only two components of academic competence, and often factors such as maintaining effort, goal setting and engaging effectively with feedback lead to sustained academic success. We will be replacing our parent workshops with the videos below.

Enjoy a cuppa and a watch!

Wellbeing at THPS

Creativity, curiosity and motivation are elements that support people to build engagement, focus and positive emotions. We ask our kiddies and ourselves to notice the feelings that are harvested when we are passionate and intrigued by something. We acknowledge that creativity is necessary for problem solving and that curiosity is driven by our interests and desires. We expose our children to thinking about what motivates them on an intrinsic and extrinsic level. The short videos below introduce the concept and the language attached to it.

Grab a cuppa and enjoy a watch!







Wellbeing Resources: