P3 and AP3 2018-19:

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What are participants saying about their P3 and AP3 experiences?

P3/AP3 Members Exclusive Events (6 hours of EILA credit, each):

  • P3 Only Event: September 28, 2018— State Wide Principal Partnership Project (P3) Kick Off Event in Frankfort (8:30 A.M. -3:30 P.M. Eastern Time)
  • AP3 Only Event: October 22, 2018-- State Wide Assistant Principal Partnership Project (AP3) Kick Off Event in Frankfort (8:30-3:30)
  • P3/AP3 Event: November 14, 2018-- Fall Semester Learning Lab at Casey County School District
  • P3/AP3 Event: February 13, 2019 Spring Semester Learning Lab at Washington County School District REGISTER HERE
  • EdCamp Event: March 27, 2019-- State Wide Networking and Learning Event at EKU's Perkins Building (1st Floor) REGISTER HERE

2018-19 Digital Connection Opportunities will include:

1) Learning Communities around topics of your choice. You may choose to participate and connect with colleagues around a topic of interest for you. 1 hour of EILA credit may be earned for each date. (Let us know YOUR topics of interest.)

2018-19 Virtual Meeting Dates to Hold (Click on the date to register)

2) Google Hang Out/Skype/Zoom sessions with your P3/AP3 coach, if you choose. These could be one-on-one sessions, or group sessions with those who have a shared, common interest in a topic for learning.

"My involvement in P3 has allowed me to continually grow both personally and professionally. P3 allows leaders the opportunity to network with highly successful leaders and keep up to date with innovative ideas that will allow for continuous improvement in all facets of school leadership. In education, the only constant is change. P3 affords the resources to take advantage of change agents as we grow each day."

Kalem Grasham, Garrard County High School Principal, "2017 KY School Administrator of the Year"

The Kentucky Department of Education created the Principal Partnership Project (P3) in 2015 to support new and experienced principals. Continuing for the 2019-20 school year is the Assistant Principal Partnership Project (AP3) as well as statewide support through the Initial Certified Evaluation Training and EdCamps.

Participation, including individualized coaching, is FREE.

To APPLY to be a part of P3 or AP3, click on the one of the following links: