Welcome to Music with Mrs. Anderson!

Welcome to Mrs. Anderson's music class!

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Thank you for your interest in Cedar Way Music!

Please use the tabs to the left to view information about band, orchestra, choir, and all grade levels of general music. If you ever have questions, email me at andersone456@edmonds.wednet.edu!

School Closure Music Activities

During this school closure, encourage your students to practice singing, practice reading music, and be musically creative using the resources below:

Free Online Resources:

K-4: Visual Musical Minds: A Youtube channel with videos for rhythm reading, and song learning- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjUxQg9cHiOYqaRdtZ6pfoQ

K-6: Nicole Harreld, the music teacher at our neighboring school Mountlake Terrace Elementary, has a growing collection of videos featuring ukulele songs, clapping games, and movement activities for students of all ages. I encourage you to check out her materials: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaxgqDgA4DvMFo0nJTdneqA

K-6: Chrome Music Lab- https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/ - Fun and visual ways to compose

K-6: Groove Pizza: More visual composing: https://musedlab.org/groovepizza

4-6: Little Kids Rock: Have a guitar or ukulele at home? Use these resources to learn to play songs you know: http://jamzone.littlekidsrock.org/songs/

2-6: Explore Different Genres and Types of Music: https://musicmap.info/

3-6: Noteflight: music Notation/Composition Software - https://www.noteflight.com/

Other Activities to do with your kids:

Make a Band- Make a band out of found instruments- pots, pans, vegetable steamers, wooden sticks, a blade of grass… be creative and have fun! Find a steady beat together and improvise from there.

Listen to the radio (KEXP or KINGFM are solid choices)- Listen for specifics: What instruments do you hear? What is the mood of the song? Did you hear any rhyming words? Interact: Sing along to a known song, find the beat or create an ostinato (repeated pattern) to an unknown song, hum the bass line, etc.

Write a song-

Think of a relevant topic

Find pairs of rhyming words, i.e. sick, trick, bored, stored

Make sentences that end in the rhyming words

Speak or sing the words over a note or chord: use what you have- keyboard, ukulele, app on your phone...

Additional Electronic Resources:

If you have the ability to purchase applications on an iOS tablet/phone these are also great resources:

- Garage Band: Make your own song complete with drums, bass, guitar, and other instruments.

- Easy Music: this is a great resource for our younger students. It has kids play with musical elements within an age-appropriate setting

- Loopimal: Students can click and drag different shapes into the loop to make the animals make different sounds.

Upcoming Performance Dates:

  • Multicultural Night: March 26th, 2020
  • 3rd/4th grade performance: May 7, 2020
  • 1st/2nd grade performance: May 27, 2020