GOMHS Library

Welcome to the Glen Oaks Magnet High School Library!

Glen Oaks Magnet and Mrs. Anding, the school librarian, are excited that you are visiting the GOMHS Library website! Please be aware that there are a large amount of resources on this website that can help you with both academic and personal interests and research.

Library Vision & Mission

Mrs. Anding' hopes that the library's programs and services will support the library mission, which ultimately should support the missions and visions for the school district and school.

Library Mission: The GOMHS library will provide services and resources to assist its community members at successfully completing academic and personal endeavors.

Library Vision: To make GOMHS students capable and fulfilled members of their community.

2021-2022 Library Goals

  • Provide services and resources to ease the transition as the school continues to physically open up in the wake of the pandemic, while also continuing to push the school forward with the use of digital resources.

  • Increase foot traffic, circulation statistics, and other statistical counts that indicate an increase in reading, both for academic use and leisure pursuits.

  • Support the academic programs/pathways of the school, including but not limited to magnet, BRBytes, and the new associates' degree program, by providing resources, co-teaching, physical space, etc.

Long Term Library Goals

  • Continue to increase the foot traffic to the physical and digital library.

  • Transition the staff and students to digital methods of communication, productivity, and the pursuit of leisure activity.

  • Promote a reading culture that provides relaxation and academic success.

"The Power of School Libraries and Librarians"

The Louisiana State Department of Education recently released an update as to what the focus of school libraries should be in relationship to literacy that is in connection to the state's new literacy initiative, which is being called a "Reading Revival" across the state. It is entitled "The Power of School Libraries and Librarians." Mrs. Anding will be focusing on these areas this year, as well as what is reflected in the state's 2017 Guidelines for School Library Media Programs in Louisiana Schools and any other directives issues by the EBR School District.

2021-2022 Library Theme: "An Open Book is an Open Mind."

Last year the theme for the library's programming was "Travel Without Using Your Feet," since the entire community was grappling with distance learning, being stuck at home, and having to use technology to meet many of our informational needs. The program emphasized eBooks, audiobooks, and the school's databases as a way for students and faculty members to "travel without using your feet." This year the library program recognizes that the world is opening up again so this year's theme is "An Open Book is an Open Mind." It can be found in Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library by Chris Grabenstein. Students and faculty members will be opening books, having discussions, finding book displays related to idioms and quotes based upon the words "open," "book," and "mind," etc. Come by and see for yourself, while maintaining the proper, current precautions at the time!