Superstar Secord Athlete, Maddie Eaton, 

May 17, 2024

Maddie Eaton began her spring track and field season this February with a strong performance, securing second place in the mile at the Saginaw Valley State University High School Invitational in Michigan.

Clocking in at 5:14.34, Eaton finished second out of 63 runners, fueling her determination for the season.

“I went into it feeling not the most positive and I was ‘No. You have to believe it. It is mind over matter.’ And I ended up second. Ever since then it has been focus on my training and I go into each week and work my hardest,” said the Grade 11 student at Laura Secord Thursday.

Her efforts have clearly paid off. On Thursday, she won the senior girls' 800 meters and the 2,000-meter steeplechase at the Niagara Region High School Athletic Association Zone 4 track and field meet at Centennial.

“It was that extra kick in the butt. I am always trying to motivate myself but that was a definite push.”

Last year, the 16-year-old from St. Catharines, who has been involved in track and field since elementary school and joined the Thorold Elite Track Club in Grade 8, competed at the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations meet in the 1,500 meters, finishing 18th. In Grade 9, she participated in the OFSAA 300-meter hurdles, placing 13th.

Her goal last season was to reach nationals, but early in the season, she faced challenges.

“I was thinking what event I could do to get there and my coaches told me to try steeple (chase).”

This turned out to be a great choice, as she qualified for nationals in the steeplechase, ultimately placing ninth after entering the event ranked 13th.

“That was when I realized I was better at distance so I decided I would head towards that route.”

Although her favorite event is the 1,500 meters, she chose to skip it during the high school season to focus on her other two events.

“I didn’t have enough time between the two events to do the 1,500,” she explained.

Eaton credits her success in the steeplechase to Thorold Elite coach Steven Fife.

“He really pushed me and motivated me to work on my form. I had hurdle form before that and he told me I had the form down and I just had to work on the distance and I would be good.”

She also drew a lot of inspiration from her mom, Lisa Eaton.

“She was so proud of me and knew I really wanted to get to nationals. That was another push and made me believe in myself more.”

This season, her goals include qualifying for OFSAA again, hopefully in both events.

“I have already qualified for nationals for steeplechase so now it is just getting my 1,500 time down a little bit more to get qualified for that,” she said. “I want to work hard and get as many PBs as I can in the season.”

Coach Fife appreciates having Eaton on the Thorold Elite team.

“Maddie has been a leader on the distance team for three years. She has amazing spirit, always very positive, is a great team player and an excellent ambassador for other girls in running.”


April 29, 2024

In the halls of Laura Secord Secondary School, Samantha Fretz is a name synonymous with excellence and compassion. With an exceptional academic record and a heart dedicated to service, Samantha leaves an indelible mark on her school and community.

Academically, Samantha is a standout student, consistently maintaining a high average and earning a place on the Honour Roll yearly. Her dedication to learning and pursuit of excellence serve as inspiration to her peers. Beyond academics, Samantha is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. She has been actively involved in initiatives like Environmental Day and the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, demonstrating her passion for protecting the environment and making a positive impact.

In her time as a student at Secord, she has amassed several awards: Duke of Edinburgh Award - Gold, Ontario Trefoil Challenge Award, Commonwealth Award, Gold Trailblazer Leadership Award, Cookie Campaign Challenge Award, Silver Trailblazer Leadership Award, Ranger Service Project Award, Bronze Trailblazer Leadership Award, Business Award of Excellence, Leadership Certificate, NOTL Volunteer Under 16 Award, Grade 9 Community Service Award, and the Canada Cord. 

Samantha's compassion extends to charitable endeavours as well. She has long supported Wigs for Kids programs, raising funds and awareness to help children in need. Her journey began in kindergarten when she witnessed a classmate donating her hair during an assembly. Inspired by this act of kindness, Samantha decided to grow out her hair to donate to those in need. By the time she reached Grade 2 in 2014, Samantha made her first hair donation. Determined to continue making a difference, she grew out her hair again and made subsequent donations in Grade 5 and at the age of 15. Understanding the financial burden of making wigs, Samantha took it upon herself to raise funds by organizing a successful fundraiser. Through a combination of online platforms and media coverage, she exceeded her goal, raising $2,015 in just four weeks. Samantha's dedication provided financial support and inspired her peers and community members to join her cause. Her belief in the importance of supporting children facing hair loss due to illness is unwavering, driven by her personal connections to those affected. As she prepares for her fourth hair donation this spring, Samantha continues to advocate for this meaningful cause, embodying the spirit of compassion and altruism.

Despite facing her own challenges, Samantha's resilience and determination have never wavered. Her ability to overcome obstacles with grace and perseverance is a testament to her character and strength, and the staff and students at Secord could not be more proud of her. 

As Samantha prepares for the next chapter of her journey, she leaves a legacy of excellence and compassion that will continue to inspire others. Her impact at Laura Secord and in the broader community is profound, and her future is bright with promise. 

A Beacon of Excellence at Laura Secord Secondary School

April 18, 2024

In the vibrant world of Laura Secord Secondary School, there's a student who stands out not just for her grades, but for her wholehearted commitment to making her school a better place. Ayla Jamal isn't just a high achiever in academics; she's a leader, a performer, and a friend to many.

Ayla's dedication to her studies is unmatched. She consistently earns top marks, setting a high standard for her peers to aim for. But her impact goes far beyond the classroom. Ayla is a natural leader, trusted and respected by her fellow students. That's why she's been elected to the Student Council every year, and this year, she serves as co-prime minister, leading initiatives to bring students together and improve school life for everyone.

But Ayla isn't all about books and meetings. She's also a star on the stage, with lead roles in two school musicals under her belt. Her performances are captivating, showcasing her talent and dedication to the arts.

Ayla Jamal's time at Laura Secord Secondary School has been nothing short of inspiring. She's shown that with hard work, dedication, and a passion for making a difference, anything is possible. And as she gets ready to take the next step in her journey, she leaves behind a legacy of excellence that will inspire future generations of students.

For her outstanding contributions to the school community, Ayla Jamal truly deserves the Excellence in Education award. She's a shining example of the incredible potential that lies within every student at Laura Secord Secondary School.


Friday March 22, 2024

Laura Secord Secondary School continues to make waves in skills competitions, showcasing its students' talents across various disciplines at the recent DSBN Skills Competition. This annual event serves as a platform for students to demonstrate their proficiency and creativity, and this year, Secord students left a lasting impression with their outstanding performances.

Mylo Gerbrandt captured attention with their artistic vision in photography, earning a well-deserved second place. Mylo's ability to capture compelling moments through the lens highlights the depth of talent within Laura Secord Secondary School and the school's commitment to fostering creativity.

Mira Desjardins impressed with her skills in Mechanical CAD, earning a commendable third place. Her achievement underscores the school's emphasis on STEM education and providing students with opportunities to excel in technical fields.

Colin Reynolds made a mark in the DSBN Skills Coding Competition, securing second place with his coding prowess. His success underscores the importance of computer science education and the school's efforts to equip students with essential 21st-century skills.

Secord students continue to excel and showcase their talents, inspiring pride and admiration within the school community. The DSBN Skills Competition reminds students of the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance in achieving success.

Congratulations to all participants and winners from Laura Secord Secondary School for their exceptional performances. They have truly upheld the school's reputation for excellence and demonstrated the depth of talent within its walls.

Secord Battle of the Bands - April 10, 7-10pm

March 19, 2024

Get ready to rock, as Secord's Student Council is gearing up to host an epic Battle of the Bands at Warehouse in downtown St. Catharines on April 10! Tickets are limited to 180 and are first come, first served. 

The lineup is locked in, with four talented bands ready to take the stage and compete for the top spot. The winning band will be honoured to represent Secord at the DSBN Battle of the Bands at the newly constructed West Niagara Secondary School.

The excitement is building as music lovers eagerly anticipate an electrifying night of live music and some incredible talent. Get your tickets before they're sold out -- don't wait; there are only 180 tickets available! Tickets are $5 and are being sold to Laura Secord students only. You can get your tickets at lunch in the cafeteria being sold by members of the Student Council. 

The Secord Musical is Fast Approaching!

JANUARY 8, 2024

Excitement is building as preparations for the highly anticipated production of "9-5 The Musical" are in full swing! Tickets are officially on sale, so mark your calendars and secure your seats for an unforgettable theatrical experience.

"9-5 The Musical" promises to be a dazzling showcase of talent, blending humour, heart, and the timeless music of Dolly Parton. The story unfolds in a whirlwind of office shenanigans, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of three working women as they navigate the corporate world.

Director Paige Falardeau and Music Director Katryna Sacco are at the helm, bringing their passion and expertise to ensure a flawless production. The cast and crew are working tirelessly to create a seamless and enchanting experience for the audience.

"9-5 The Musical" is not just a show; it's an event! Invite your friends, family, and colleagues for an evening of laughter, music, and theatrics. Get ready to be transported into the world of 9 to 5, where dreams are big, and the music is even bigger.

Hollywood Red Carpet Semi-Formal, Club Roma, Be There!       

JANUARY 2, 2024

Get ready for a night of glitz, glamour, and star-studded fun at our upcoming Hollywood-themed semi-formal event! Join us at Club Roma on January 17 from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM for an unforgettable evening of dinner, dancing, and Hollywood magic.

Red Carpet Entrance: Strut down the red carpet and feel like a Hollywood VIP as you enter.

Gourmet Dinner: Indulge in a delectable dinner prepared by Club Roma's renowned chefs. Enjoy a culinary experience fit for the stars!

Dance the Night Away: Our DJ will be spinning the hottest tunes, ensuring the dance floor is energetic. Get ready to showcase your best moves!

Photo Opportunities: Capture the glamour of the evening at our Hollywood-themed photo booth. Take home memories that will last a lifetime.

Tickets are now available for purchase! Don't miss your chance to be part of this Hollywood-inspired celebration. Get them in the Cafeteria or talk to a member of the Student Council.

Want to Be a Part of Fuzion? Get Your Piece into Mr. Kent!      

DECEMBER 22, 2023

In a celebration of artistic brilliance and literary prowess, Secord is set to launch its highly anticipated school anthology, Fuzion. This unique collection brings together the diverse talents of Secord's students, showcasing a collaboration emblematic of the school's commitment to fostering creativity and community.

Fuzion is not just an anthology; it's a tapestry woven with the threads of imagination, emotion, and originality. From thought-provoking poetry to visually stunning art, the reader encapsulates the essence of Secord's vibrant and talented student body.

What sets Fuzion apart is the seamless collaboration between the school's budding writers and artists. This anthology is a testament to Secord's unique ability to bring together students from different creative realms, fostering an environment where diverse talents flourish.

Be a part of this incredible experience. See Mr. Kent or Ms. Bolan for more details!

Junior Boys Start the Season with Domination!

DECEMBER  11, 2023

In a hoops spectacle with fans on the edge of their seats, the Laura Secord Junior Patriots showcased their prowess, overpowering the Thorold Golden Eagles with a commanding 61-43 victory.

Dynamic duo Cordell Less and Dahari Williams stole the spotlight, each dropping an impressive 20 points, leaving the opposition struggling to contain their explosive offensive tandem. Maximus Fretz joined the scoring fray with a solid 9 points, contributing to the team's well-rounded offensive performance.

The Patriots' court chemistry was on full display, with seamless teamwork and strategic plays keeping the Golden Eagles on their toes throughout the game. It was a masterclass in junior basketball as the Junior Patriots squad executed plays with precision and finesse.

Coach Nickel expressed satisfaction with the team's performance, emphasizing their dedication and hard work in both training and on the court. "Our players showcased not only their individual skills but also their ability to work together as a cohesive unit. It's a promising sign for the future of Laura Secord basketball," remarked Nickel.

The victory celebration echoed through the school halls as the Junior Patriots and their fans revelled in the triumph, savouring a well-deserved win. With Cordell Less, Dahari Williams, and Maximus Fretz leading the charge, the Laura Secord Junior Patriots have sent a resounding message to the league – watch out, they're here to dominate!