The District of Niagara Academy for the Arts introduces the DNA Arts Program, a unique and immersive certificate program designed to nurture the creative talents of high school students in the realms of Dance, Drama, Music, Musical Theatre, and Visual Arts. This comprehensive program is crafted to provide students with a holistic arts education, fostering both individual artistic growth and collaborative experiences across various artistic disciplines.

Students engage in rigorous dance training, exploring various styles and techniques. Emphasis is placed on developing technical proficiency, artistic expression, and choreographic skills. Collaborative dance projects and performances allow students to showcase their talents and contribute to a vibrant dance community within the academy.

The drama component of the program focuses on theatrical arts, including acting, improvisation, script analysis, and stagecraft. Students participate in dramatic productions, honing their acting skills and gaining experience in various aspects of theatre production.

Comprehensive music education covers theory, instrumental proficiency, and vocal techniques. Students have access to state-of-the-art music facilities and are encouraged to explore diverse musical genres.

Ensemble performances, solo recitals, and collaborative projects contribute to the development of well-rounded musicians.

Integrating elements of both drama and music, the music theatre segment emphasizes the skills necessary for musical theatre performance. Students explore acting through song, vocal performance, and stage presence. Bi-annual musical productions provide students with a platform to showcase their talents in a full-scale theatrical setting.

The visual arts component encompasses a wide range of mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital arts. Students experiment with various artistic forms and techniques to develop their visual communication skills. Gallery exhibitions and community art projects allow students to share their artistic creations with a broader audience.

Experiential Learning:

Workshops and Masterclasses:

Renowned artists, performers, and industry professionals lead workshops and masterclasses, providing students with insights, inspiration, and real-world perspectives.

Collaborative Projects:

Cross-disciplinary projects encourage collaboration among students from different artistic disciplines. This fosters a rich, creative environment and prepares students for interdisciplinary work in the arts.

Showcases and Exhibitions:

Regular showcases and exhibitions give students the opportunity to present their work to peers, educators, and the wider community. These events celebrate artistic achievements and contribute to the vibrant arts culture within the academy.

Community Engagement:

The DNA Arts Program encourages students to actively participate in community events, performances, and outreach programs, fostering a sense of social responsibility and community connection.


Upon successful completion of the DNA Arts Program, students will:

The District of Niagara Academy for the Arts Program Certificate (DNA Arts) is a transformative experience that empowers students to explore, express, and excel in the vibrant world of Dance, Drama, Music, Music Theatre, and Visual Arts, providing a solid foundation for their future pursuits in the arts and beyond.