Secord's School Council is a collaborative platform that brings together parents, teachers, students, administrators, and community members with a shared commitment to enhancing the overall educational experience. This council is a dynamic forum where diverse perspectives converge to contribute ideas, address challenges, and collectively shape our students' educational journey.

Key Objectives

Facilitating Open Communication:

Collaborative Decision-Making:

Parent-Teacher Partnership:

Student Involvement and Advocacy:

Community Engagement:

Addressing Concerns and Celebrating Achievements:

Activities and Meetings:

The Secondary School Council conducts regular meetings to discuss various aspects of school life, from academic programs to extracurricular activities. These meetings allow stakeholders to share updates, propose initiatives, and address challenges. Additionally, the council supports organizing events such as musicals, semi-formals, and graduation as chaperones or extra hands to strengthen the sense of community within the school.

Further information on parent involvement on the Laura Secord School Council

Article 3 Purpose and Objectives

Article 5 Membership


The School Council comprises parent members, the principal (and vice-principals), community representatives, students, teachers, and support staff as outlined in the Guide, Section 3. Each member of the School Council is considered a voting member, with the exception of the principal (and vice-principals). 


Parent members are expected to:


The School Council may remove any member who misses three (3) consecutive meetings from the School Council.  


A vacancy on the School Council allows the School Council to exercise its authority.

Article 6 Parent Member Elections


Election of parent members shall occur within the first thirty days of the start of each school year.


Each parent member of the School Council seeking election must be nominated or self-nominated in writing and must declare if he or she is employed by the DSBN. 


Each parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the school shall be entitled to vote for parent members in each position on the School Council.