Digital Learning

What is the purpose of this website?

A group of District 90 employees took a course entitled Social Media and Emerging Technologies through Dominican University. We learned about the latest uses of social media in an educational setting and the various types of emerging technology. We wanted to share our learning with everyone and help our district jump into the social media world! In order to do this, we have created pages on the various social media sites that can be used in the educational world and created badges for you to earn for your learning! We also hope to continue to build this website to include more technology for you to learn about and use within your classrooms.

How do I earn my badges?

  • Start by exploring the Twitter pages and create an account - click on the image to the right!
  • Each social media site has a "Earn Your Badge" page
  • Go to this page and complete the activities on this page
  • Tweet evidence of completion using the hashtag #D90Badges
  • Earn a badge for each social media site - click on a badge below!



Google Classroom





How do I navigate this site?

There are a couple of ways to get around on this website. One of the first ways is simply clicking on the images above to get to each social media page. For example, if you want to work on your Seesaw badge, click on the Seesaw image above to get started. You can also use the navigation bar. This bar appears in the upper right corner of each page and can be used at any time to get you back to the home page or to help you get to another badge to work on. Click on the arrows to access the different pages!