Detroit Lakes Returning to Learning Plan

Greetings parents and students! We know this way of learning is new, but we are here to help. We want to ensure that every student in Detroit Lakes receives an equitable education and has equal access to learning and instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic. This page is set up to provide a weekly outline and description of the distance learning being provided.

Parents will receive instructions about the learning plan and schedules for their children from the school's principals and teachers. Instruction will primarily be accomplished through the use of online tools for distance learning. This website is a resource for families to access information regarding their particular school’s distance learning plans. We all need to work together to make this instruction meaningful and in compliance with the full expectations of Minnesota statutes.

Attention needed: check your Skyward Family Access to make sure that your contact information is correct. This will is necessary in order for you to receive important messages from the district and your child's school.

Instruction, Grading and Assessment

  • Your child will have access to a learning platform that will allow them to access their assignments and any additional information needed for instruction. High school students and middle school students will use either Schoology or Google Classroom. Elementary and PreK students will use SeeSaw. The teachers will provide clear instructions for students how to access this information.

  • Individual teachers will be responsible for providing timely feedback to students. Grading and reporting of student work will be updated in Skyward Family Access for parents to see.

  • There is a Skyward App for your smartphone, too. View this video to learn more.

  • Please contact the teacher with questions or if additional support or flexibility is needed in this area.


  • It is important that your child attends school. It is required by the State of Minnesota that schools keep accurate attendance records. Attendance will be measured daily.

  • Building principals and teachers will communicate with families and students regarding the procedures for their buildings.

  • If a child is ill and unable to “attend” for the day, please notify the teacher or building via email or a phone call. The child will be counted as absent. We understand that there will be situations where a child may not be able to participate in daily distance learning.

  • COVID Screening Tool

  • DLPS Health Office Information

If you are interested in moving your child into our DLPS Distance Learning program, please contact the building principal and they will assist you.

Please select the school on the LEFT to access specific teachers' daily learning plans during this time of distance learning.

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On the bottom of the schools' pages, you will find a link to the teachers' emails as well.

If students are having technical difficulties with the distance learning, please contact our district's helpdesk:

Email: or Phone: 218-844-1119